[Upcoming Event] The Finale For 2013 Yuan Carnival (14th-15th December 2013)

Bringing the good vibes for one last time to Klang
Event: The Finale For 2013 Yuan Carnival
Venue: Giant Open Carpark, Bukit Tinggi, Klang
Date: 14th and 15th December 2013
Time: 2.00pm-10.00pm

Looking for something fun do on the 14th and 15th December weekend? How about going for the final pit-stop for this year’s Yuan Carnival? It will be held at Giant Open Carpark, Bukit Tinggi, Klang from 2.00pm until 10.00pm.

Yuan Carnival 2013 is presented by Celcom, Sports Toto as the co-sponsor, Power Roots as the partner sponsor, with one FM and 8TV as radio and media partners while World Vision is the working partner for this year’s Yuan Carnival.

The ‘Yuan Mini Concert’ is the main highlight for the final pit-stop for this year’s Yuan Carnival, whereby all famous personalities from ntv7, 8TV and one FM will be on stage together to make a special appearance. They will be singing the local TV drama theme songs to ensure this last Yuan pit-stop will be the most memorable one for the audience. The artists that will be partaking in this will be Adrian Tan, Kyo Chen, Gary Yap, Orange Tan, Winson Voon, Soo Wincci, Jack Yap. Besides, there will be an exclusive performance for ‘Listen to the World’ theme song by the ntv7’s top 10 Chinese celebrities which will definitely drive the audience stark-raving mad.

Ntv7 will be broadcasting a Singaporean production drama series entitled, ‘It Takes Two’ soon. The casts for the drama include Chen Han Wei, Yao Wen Long and Ann Kok.  Fans that would like to meet them or would like to find out what the drama series is all about, will be in for a treat as these three stars will be in Klang Bukit Tinggi that weekend.

The local and talented recording artists who have always shown their continuous support for the Yuan Carnival; Soo Wincci, Kyo Chen, Kopi Lim, Winson Voon, John Wee, Christopher Lye and Gina will be there for one last time this year to promote their respective albums and conduct an autograph session for their fans. Apart from that, Daniel Lee as the World Vision child sponsor will also be present at the venue to share their experience on sponsoring a child.

The ntv7 newscaster, Tiang Kah Chee, as well as the ntv7 hosts from Global Watch, Yong Yu Xi, Peh Kien Min, Chee Kah Teik and Kaw Ka Hoe will also make an appearance on that weekend to impart the pros and cons of producing a show onto the audience, and what being in the broadcasting field is like.

DJs from one FM such as Jack, Apple, Wayne, Nicholas, Kyan and the three news presenters Angel, Angeline and Yan will too be making their way up to Bukit Tinggi to appear on stage and to visit their stationary booth to meet the fans and play exciting games with the audience.

Hosts from Yuan Carnival’s media partner, 8TV, such as Orange Tan, Winson Voon, Gary Yap and Natalie will also have a meet-and-greet session with their fans, while the casts from 8TV’s 10th year anniversary drama, Mr. Bun, starring Orange, Bernard and Wayne Chua will have their own meet-and-greet session to further promote the series.

To commemorate its final pit-stop for the year, Yuan Carnival has collaborated with the Pedalholics Cycling Club to host the Yuan Carnival Fun Ride. This exuberating initiative intends to create health awareness among the public while ensuring that the audience will not go home with the slightest memory of the Yuan Carnival. This ‘Fun Ride’ activity will be held on the second day of the Yuan Carnival weekend in Klang which is on 15th December (Sunday) at 6.30pm. The starting point will be from Giant Open Carpark, Bukit Tinggi, Klang, and the ride distance is 27 KM. It is open to anyone from age 12 and above. The participants will need to bring their own bicycle, safety helmet, elbow guard and other safety ride accessories. Participants under the age of 18 must gain approval from their parents or legal guardian in order for them to join the ‘Fun Ride’. Interested parties are urged to register themselves on the day itself, which is on 15th December before 2pm.

Yuan Carnival is greatly appreciative for Malaysia Book of Records’ partnership, as this little initiative has gained tremendous support from the public since its first challenge in Penang. Will the people in Klang be able to break the records set by previous challengers? The winners of the Malaysia Book of Records for the three categories (fastest skipping record, longest paper plane in air record and the highest coin-staking record) will be announced at this final Yuan Carnival pit-stop. Their names will then be recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records.

To anyone who thinks they have got undisputed hidden talent, they are more than welcome to participate in the ‘Yuan Got Talent’ activity where they can unveil their true abilities. There will be a total of RM 1,400 waiting for them to take home.

Amidst all the fun, the National Blood Bank will be having their donation drive from 2.00pm until 7.00pm on their mobile blood donation bus for those who wish to donate their blood. Let us all support the “Give Blood Give Life” initiative to help people in need.

The one FM YHKP team and the 8TV 8TEAM will be roaming around Klang with the Yuan mascot, Yuan Yuan, and the 8TV mascot, Pow Pow, to play games with the locals while giving away prizes. During the Yuan Carnival, Yuan Yuan and Pow Pow will also make an appearance to have a photo-taking session with the audience. Refer to the schedule below:

Do not forget your date with Yuan Carnival for the final time this year on 14th and 15th December from 2.00pm until 10.00pm at Giant Open Carpark, Bukit Tinggi, Klang.
For more information, please visit official website:  

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