[Local Entertainment] Miss Astro Chinese International 2013 Top 3 Finalists Documentary Special At Korea!

Miss Astro Chinese International 2013 Top 3 Finalists Documentary Special At Korea!
The Naturel side of these beauties were recorded in “Korea Style”!

Astro国际华裔小姐2013 三甲远赴韩国拍摄旅游特辑
抛开美姐包袱零形象   以最自然一面疯狂游韩国

Kuala Lumpur, 21th December 2013 – It’s been quite some time since Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2013 has reached an end. Following the pageant, the top 3 finalists in the pageant were invited by the organizer to travel to South Korea. At Korea, they were involved in a documentary show 《美姐出巡Korea Style for 8 days and 7 nights. The travel show has recorded their journey in South Korea and is aiming to bring a different experience to the audience regarding South Korea tourism.

Miss Astro Chinese International Champion Zhiny黄之豫, 1st runner-up Fancy吴胤婷& 2nd runner-up Erica陈秋萍 departed from South Korea Seoul and proceeded to the south till釜山. Under the systematic planning from the sponsors and also韩国观光公社吉隆坡分社(KTO, they have also visited a few notable tourism spots including Seoul famous shopping zone明洞, 东大门, 韩国传统饮食文化体验馆, 金山寺, 甘川文化村, 广安里海水浴场, 新罗千年公园, 札嘎其市場and etc. The most memorable moment during the trip was their visit to寺庙.

A production of Astro本地圈, 《美姐出巡Korea Style will be aired on Astro华丽台 and Astro至尊HD(第310频道) on 21st December 2013 and 28th December 2013 (Saturday), 8pm.

A trip with special missions assigned by the production team!
The beauties took up the challenges!

During the one week journey, apart from visiting the famous tourism spots, these three beauties also need to take up the challenges and missions set up by the production team. Some of the challenges include taking part as guest appearance in “BIBAP SHOW”, learning beat box, A cappella, and some new dancing steps. All these fresh experiences have made these three pretty ladies enjoyed the whole filming process thoroughly!

Besides that, Zhiny, Fancy and Erica have also gone to 甘川文化村 in 釜山 and have taken up another challenge, whereby the three of them have to compete with each other and search for the “mysterious place” by using the map given. Despite not knowing much of how to speak in Korean language, they were determined enough to walk through narrow staircases and hills to search for the “mysterious place”. Zhiny has lost the contest because she was not that good in reading maps. Thus, she has to take up the punishment set by the production crew.

Three of them have also made Malaysian Bak Kut Teh for the locals in South Korea. There are some hiccups when making the Bak Kut Teh because their handling of the heat was a bit off. However, they were very creative and responsive. They have turned the overheated Bak Kut Teh into a Honey Pork Rib instead. The locals in South Korea have complimented that the dish is very tasty despite the slight mistakes they have made.

During these challenges, Fancy has to eat 剪蛹because she has lost in one of the mission. This trip has trained her up to try different kinds of food which she was not dare to taste in the past.

First time in Korean attire!
The most memorable experience in   寺庙!

Apart from visiting a lot of tourism spots, three of them have also visited 新罗千年公园 and stayed inside罗宫 Hotel. This trip has also allowed them to learn more about Korea cookery as well as their costumes and attires. Due to their tall figures and outstanding appearance, three of them look very elegant in Korean attire!

Their most memorable moment throughout the journey was their visit to the temple. Fancy and Erica have admitted that they felt worried at first. After going through all the activities in the temple, they have learnt ways for relaxation and also learnt up some of the valuable teachings.

Envy The Good Skin Complexion of Korean Girls!

South Korea is famous for its cosmetic and pretty girls. Hallyu has even stormed over the whole world in the recent years. After these 8 days and 7 nights in South Korean, the beauties from Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant, Zhiny, Fancy and Erica have admitted that the girls in South Korea really has a good skin complexion regardless of the age of the girls.

They have also learnt that there are actually a lot of cultural tourism spots in South Korea apart from being a shopping paradise.

《美姐出巡Korea Style hosted by the winners from Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2013 will bring the audience to explore South Korea in a different way! The first episode was aired last week on 21st December 2013. The next episode will be on 28th December 2013, 8PM in Astro 华丽台& Astro至尊HD.

Do stay tuned and catch the show!

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