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Sunday, 8 December 2013

[General] Yahoo Launches Style Factor: A dedicated Online Platform for New Age Malaysian Women

Yahoo Launches Style Factor: A dedicated Online Platform for New Age Malaysian Women

Daniella Sya selected as the face for the Style Factor video series

Kuala Lumpur, December 8th, 2013 – The launch of Style Factor Malaysia has been announced by Yahoo Malaysia last week. Style Factor is a premium fashion, beauty and personal care site for the new age Malaysia women.

Style Factor brings the latest celebrity news and information on fashion, photo galleries and how-to videos, programmed especially for Malaysian users.

Making its debut in Malaysia, Style Factor has its roots in Yahoo US, the concept originating from a long-time global partnership with Procter & Gamble. The initiative has been successfully extended to other Asian countries like Indonesia, India and the Philippines in the last two years.

“We are excited to bring Style Factor to Malaysia as it offers a rich, immersive branded content experience which seeks to inform, engage and entertain our users,” says Karen Vera, Regional Executive Producer for Media Development and Custom Brand Experiences at Yahoo Southeast Asia. She adds, “We are happy to strengthen our global relationship with P&G to offer the brand the right kind of audience and editorial strength required to launch the branded entertainment experience to connect with relevant consumers.”

Leveraging the trending topics relating to leisure and entertainment content, model Daniella Sya will be hosting Style Factor which offers locally produced content and it is supported by a dedicated editorial team in the production of the local news online.

Video content will be an integral part of Style Factor and Daniella will anchor the signature video series which will have short Style Factor episodes in both English and Malay. The themes of these episodes will range from how to repair damaged hair to how to look good in photos (especially useful in the age of selfies and photos sharing sites).

Yahoo expects to drive greater traffic to the Style Factor site via its video contents. Yahoo Malaysia’s monthly video stream numbers have increased tenfold over the past year, rising from 160,000 streams in Aug 2012 to 1.96 million streams in Aug 2013.
“I hope audiences will accept this concept and find our tips useful to make their days go better,” shared Daniella, was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. “We've tried to make this show as friendly as possible so it'll reach out to as many women with beauty and home concerns.”

Introduction Of Host: Daniella Sya

Daniella Sya is a professional actress, model, presenter and voice talent since age 18. She has been most recently seen in a featured on role on “Mata Mata,” broadcast on Singapore network television. Other television work in her resume include “SME,” “Planet Kiara”, “Antara Laut Cina Selantan” and “Inspirasi Merdeka.” Daniella has also been acted in films such as “Genggam” and “Love You You”, produced in Hong Kong.” She has also done numerous advertising campaigns and voiceover work.

(This article is based on an official press release issued to WLJack.com & Loong-updates.blogspot.com)

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