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Sunday, 29 December 2013

[Coverage] AVICII LIVE IN KL 2013

[Coverage] AVICII LIVE IN KL 2013
2013 is about to come to an end. It has been a great year with a lot of cool and exciting concerts and music events! One of the events worth-mentioning is, AVICII LIVE IN KL 2013 which has taken place on 30th November 2013 (Saturday) at Sepang Welcome Centre.

AVICII LIVE IN KL 2013 was organized by WE LOVE ASIA and it has been a lively concert with a great lineups of acts besides the Swedish DJ who has recently stormed the whole world with his house music.

Party Whole Day Long!

The event took place at 5pm when the daylight can still be seen till late night! The crowd was greeted by DJs such as CHUKIESS, CONGOROCK, MARTIN GARRIX and BASS JACKERS before AVICII took over the stage near midnight!

It was a really hyped up and exciting party with people basically absorbed into the musical sensations!

Massive Crowd In The Venue!
A huge amount of music lovers were present during the rave event! All of them were enjoying themselves, dancing along to the beats and just having fun with their buddies and friends! Apart from great music, the venue was also full of food and drink choices which allowed the fans to fill up their stomach with a variety of options!

Splendid Performances From All Line-ups!
While AVICII was the headliner for the show, the rest of the performers CHUKIESS, CONGOROCK, MARTIN GARRIX and BASS JACKERS have also put up quite a good show for the fans! Their performances have totally heated up the crowd and warmed them up before AVICII came on stage! Of course, it was the peak when AVICII took over the stage! He blasted songs which were no stranger to the fans!

AVICII has played the whole set of songs which were from his latest album! The most prominent ones of course included WAKE ME UP and YOU MAKE ME!

Mesmerizing Finale For The Show! A great display of fireworks!

The show has been a great one and it has ended with a great display of fireworks!  Most of the fans have totally enjoyed the show! At least I did!

It’s a really great party especially for the fans who love AVICII’s Music! Their dreams to experience AVICII’s musical groove LIVE have just come through after attending the event!

Million Thanks To WE LOVE ASIA for bringing the spectacular acts to Malaysia! It has made 2013 a great year to remember!

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