[Coverage] Ming Bridges乔毓明 Birthday Gathering @ Red Box , Lowyat Plaza

[Coverage] Ming Bridges乔毓明 Birthday Gathering @ Red Box , Lowyat Plaza
Kuala Lumpur, 8th November 2013 – Thanks to Red box, I have the opportunity to attend Ming Bridges Birthday Celebration a few days ago (2nd November 2013) at Red Box, Lowyat Plaza.

Ming Bridges Meet and Greet Fans! Played Games With the Fans!
The gathering was attended by both the media members as well as the lucky fans who have won the passes to attend the birthday celebration. During the gathering, a few different games were played such as Q&A (questions about Ming Bridges), Yoga and paper-scissor-rock (男生女生配). All of the fans were happy to be able to meet Ming at such a close distance. However, some of them were shy when the host asked them to volunteer for gaming session.

Either way, those fans that have stood up and played the games were very sporting. Of course, Ming was very friendly and interacted well with the fans too. One of the fans was even asked to confess his feelings to Ming.

All of these lucky fans who played the games were given present by Ming.

Interview by the host with Ming In-Between every Fans Sessions!
In between every games session, Ming was being interviewed by the host. Ming stated that her Mandarin has improved a lot compared to last time. Before she learnt Mandarin, she has some difficulty in understanding what her grandmother was speaking about. Nowadays, she can understand Mandarin much better.

Besides, the host also asked her about the songs in her album. She described that her song “愛人為快樂之本” was inspired by the mandarin idioms, 助人为快乐之本.   Then, she has even sung LIVE right in front of the fans. She sang the chorus of 泪若雨下”. All of the fans were mesmerized by her sweet and melodious vocal.

Other than that, the host has asked Ming regarding her life before she was debuted as a singer. She said that due to her mixed-race heritage, she used to have some awkwardness mingling with her peers because the British peers don’t really feel that she’s a British while the Asian peers do not see her as an Asian. Apart from that, she also admitted that she used to be a fat girl. However, to maintain her image as a celebrity, she has cut down her weight and put more concern on her health status. When asked regarding how much weight that she has reduced since debut, she replied, “12kg.”

Birthday Surprise for Ming Bridges!
Ming Bridges was not informed regarding the birthday surprise that everyone has planned for her. When the birthday song was sung by the fans, a birthday cake was pushed into the room. She was delighted with the surprise. The birthday cake was pink in colour which is Ming’s favourite colour. In addition, the birthday song was sung in a few different languages including Malay version.

Ming has made wishes before blowing the candle. When the host asked her to reveal her wish, she was very shy and replied that the wishes won’t come true if they were revealed. After another attempt by the host, she finally voiced out one of her wish, that is, to hope that all of her family will be healthy and all of her fans will continue to like her music.

Fans’ Birthday Gifts For Ming!
Besides the cake and birthday song, some fans were thoughtful and have prepared birthday gifts for Ming. One of them has even drawn a portrait of Ming. The others have made her cards and gave her doll too.

That’s all about Ming’s Birthday Gathering @ Red Box, Lowyat Plaza.

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