[Coverage] Astro 马力全开庆丰年 Press Conference

[Coverage] Astro 马力全开庆丰年 Press Conference

Kuala Lumpur, 25th November 2013 – Astro with its Chinese New Year main theme 马力全开庆丰年, motto  一路有你梦飞扬 will be launching a series of programmes towards 2014 Chinese New Year. Apart from having the new Chinese new Year song albums and CNY eve celebration, latest Astro CNY movie 一路有你 will also be screened in cinema on 30th January 2014. The movie promises to bring the similar joy and laughter to the audience after three years hiatus from the previous Astro CNY movies.

Astro 中文部总监朱志恒has explained regarding the main theme 马力全开庆丰年. Next year will be the year of Horse in Lunar calendar. The theme is to encourage everyone to chase their dreams with full force in this upcoming year.  In conjunction with the year of horse, Astro has also invited popular artist 林行瑞to design the iconic zodiac character for this upcoming Lunar year, which is named as 马力.

林行瑞 the designer for 马力!

From left: Chiu 导, 林行瑞, Astro 中文部总监朱志恒 holding the iconic zodiac character for this upcoming year of horse!

Since Astro has released their first CNY iconic zodiac character吉祥物 舞虎during the year of tiger and has released other iconic zodiac characters for the following years such as 开心龙 and Ulala. All of these characters have been well-received by the local audience. 开心龙 was even featured in some educational comic and animation of 十万个为什么  and has been well-loved by the students and teachers.

Well-aware that Chinese New Year is a very important festival for the Chinese community, Astro has put in all of their efforts in providing a variety of programmes and events for the audience to get involved in. Astro has demonstrated their “Go Beyond” spirit in giving the best for their viewers.

Zodiac character吉祥物马力” doll will be having their premiere sales from 17th-19th December 2013 in Tesco Hypermarket nationwide.

“MY Astro马力全开庆丰年” CNY Album: More than 60 artistes are involved!

The Artistes demonstrating how to do the "Cup dance"!
More than 60 celebrities from Astro, My FM and Melody FM are involved in the production of the upcoming CNY album. This album will be consisting of 10 songs whereby half of it will be new songs including the hit singles 梦想动起来, 好心有好报from Astro celebrities, “Kuda Kuda” from My FM Dj,  新鲜 from Astro 新秀帮, 祝福你 恭喜你from 欢喜福建帮. Another half of the songs are from Melody FM FJ, 经典名曲唱将, Astro 小太阳家族 and other Astro 本地圈celebrities.

All the artistes have different appearance and style in each MV. The most difficult challenge is during the filming for the song of 梦想动起来 whereby they have to perform “The Cup Dance” under the sun in the middle of the street. The MV was filmed at different settings and has also featured a lot of youngster and senior citizens from the public apart from the great lineups of artistes who sang for the song. The filming for this MV has taken 4 days and was shot at 9 different places. We have seen the premiere of the MV during the press conference and we think it’s great!

Distributed by Multimedia Entertainment Sdn Bhd, “My Astro 马力全开庆丰年CNY CD and DVD album will be released on 15th December 2013.

Astro Chinese New Year Countdown To Be Held In Ipoh!

“My Astro 马力全开庆丰年” Chinese New Year Countdown will be held in Ipoh for the first time next year. In the past 6 years, Astro CNY countdown was held in Selangor. This coming year, Astro will be organizing the grand countdown event in Ipoh 观音洞 and will be having a close-up interaction with the local population during the CNY eve. This event will be held on 30th January 2014, 9pm and will be broadcasted LIVE via Astro AEC & Astro 全佳HD.

Apart from the grand celebration in Ipoh, 林德荣, 萧慧敏,林震前and 林家冰 as the hosts alongside with hundreds of celebrities will also be performing and celebrating the CNY eve simultaneously at 7 different states including Malacca, Penang, Johore, Kuala Lumpur, East Coast, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. This is the Astro CNY countdown with the largest coverage ever.

一路有你” Brings Laughter To The Screen on 30th January 2013

After a long wait, director 周青元 (Chiu ) have finally come back with his latest movie 一路有你which will be shown in cinema from 30th January 2014 onwards. This is the third movie from Astro after 2011 “大日子Woohoo!” and 2012 “天天好天”.

一路有你will be composed of elements from the previous two movies including the warmth, touching moments as well as humors and laughter which can present the value of family bonding and human interaction into a film that will definitely enlighten the audience. This movie will be featuring the beautiful sceneries from Cameron highlands, Penang, Kedah, Malacca and Johor.

The story is about a conservative uncle, 全叔叔 who has been living a retiree’s life peacefully while anticipating for his daughter 美蓉 return after she has gone overseas for her studies. When his daughter returns to home, she brings along a foreigner who is actually her fiancé, 班杰明back to home. He doesn’t like 班杰明 that much and he has objected his daughter to marry 班杰明. If they really want to get married, 班杰明 has to organize the Chinese style wedding and has to follow全叔叔 to send the invitations to the relatives. How will the journey end up to be? Let’s find out this upcoming January 2014.

This movie is filmed over many states in Malaysia and some of the scenes were documented from the real Chinese cultural celebration at different states. Another extra fact about this movie is, there is a lot of celebrities cameo appearance. However, the celebrities have acted more like “kelefeh” (extras) in this film while the real local citizens from different states were the real main characters in this movie. 一路有你has been premiered in the recent 2013 桃园电影节 and has received many positive remarks. In fact, it has become the movie with 2nd best ticket sales during the festival in Taiwan. This has made Director周青元 more confident about the movie and he hopes that the similar outcome can be achieved in Malaysia too.

As a treat to the audience, Astro has also announced that there will be a premiere of this movie 一路有你on 18th January 2013 at 11 different places. The whole premiere event will be documented and broadcasted LIVE for the Astro audiences. The documentary will also include the LIVE interview of director 周青元 as well as the celebrities who will be present during the event.

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