[Upcoming Event] 929 Go Green Campaign《929大手拉小手绿色寻“保”大行动》

[Upcoming Event] 929 Go Green Camp929大手拉小手绿色寻大行动》

Astro本地圈 invite you to contribute for recycling event
“Feel the warmth of recycling together!”“在这里做环保最温馨

Kuala Lumpur, 19th September 2013 – Co-organized by Astro本地圈, 培才华小, 美门中心残障关怀基金会, MY FM & MELODY FM as the official radio station, 929大手拉小手大手绿色寻大行动》will be held on 29th September 2013, 7.30am in Petaling Jaya培才华小.

Astro本地圈hopes to promote the awareness regarding the importance of recycling into parents and their children via this event, Go Green Campaign929大手拉小手绿色寻大行动》. At the same time, Astro本地圈 has also set their goals to collect 9290 kg of recycled items. To set a good example, Astro has also encouraged their staffs to support recycling and reuse old items for the sake of the environment. In addition, 培才华小will also collaborate with Astro本地圈 to organize an inter-classes recycling competition班级环保比一比比赛 whereby teachers and students will be working together to contribute in recycling old items.

This is a very meaningful event! Those of you who love our environment should not miss it!
Astro本地圈 is now inviting you to bring along your recyclable and reusable items (such as paper, plastic bag, tin can, glasses, old clothes and old electronic device) to 培才华小 in contribution to this recycling campaign.

On that day itself, the public can also take part in the contest of 队队碰》竞赛. Astro本地圈 celebrities such as颜江瀚、赵洁莹、赖淞凤、颜慧萍、黄毓敏、关萃汶、陈韵传、刘元元、刘界辉、盛天俊、林长金、the top 10 finalists of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2013Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2013 and MY FM DJ 庄靖毅&符雁蓉 will also be taking part in this challenge.

Besides, during that day, there are also coloring contests for children, sharing session as well as celebrities performance too! Thus, we hope that you and your family can join along with Astro本地圈 to take part in this grand recycling campaign! ”在这里,做环保,最温馨。

For more info about 929大手拉小手绿色寻大行动》,
please visit: www.astro.com.my/bendiquan

Below are the details of the activities during that day:

《环保大胃王》竞赛 Biggest donator contest
  • Public is welcomed to bring along old items which are recyclable to the venue. (Contest is INDIVIDUAL entry)
  • The ranking will be based on the amount of items contributed. (Measured in Kg)
  •  The three participant with the most items contribution will be the winner. (Measured in Kg)
  • Contest time7:30 am till 11:30 am

《寻队队碰》游戏 “Treasure Hunt” Contest
  • Enrollment is by individual registration, every registered participant will then be divided into groups. (Including celebrities)
  • Every team will be given a treasure map. The members need to follow the leader’s order to hunt for the “treasure” within a time limit. During this process, every teams will be facing certain challenges.
  • The ranking will be based on total amount of items collected (measured in Kg). The first three groups with the heaviest load of old items collected will be the winners.
  • Dress CodeSport attire, sport shoes (Sunglasses & Sun block cream to prevent sun burn)
  • This activity can be subjected to changes depending on the weather.
  • This is a voluntary event. Every participants must possess the teamwork spirits and take care of each others.
  • To ensure the safety of the participants, every participants must not leave too far from the team, need to obey the rules and be a team player. During the outdoor challenges, every member must take care of their own safety.
  • Registration can only be done at the venue.
  • Registration time: 7.30am – 8.15am (First come first served basis)

《亲子环保创意填色比赛》 Colouring Contest
  • Competition will be divided into 2 categories, Category A (5-8 years old) & Category B (9-12 years old)
  • The contest is opened to the primary school student and the teaming must be consisting of one parent and one child.
  • Participants must use recyclable material to do the colouring.
  • The teams of participants must prepare their own items (including the colouring material) & Chairs/Table (if needed). The diagram and paper will be provided by the organizer.
  • Anyone who is interested can register via email, with the subject as “亲子环保创意填色比赛attaching along with participants’ (parent & child) details such as Names (English & Chinese), age, date of birth, contact numberand email address. Then submit it to929gogreen@gmail.com
  • All registered participants must be present at the venue latest by 9.15am. Those who can’t make it by that time will be disqualified.   
  • Registration can also be done at the venue itself, registration time is:  8:45am to 9:15am. (First come first served basis)
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