[Press Release] Press Conference of 《花啦啦歌舞团》 Singing Market The Musical

友弟Role-playing as 三八Noodle hawker aunty
花啦啦Director’s Puts In Great Efforts For The Musical Show

All the lineups for 《花啦啦歌舞团》
Kuala Lumpur, 26th September 2013 - 友弟 who is one of the cast lineup for《花啦啦歌舞团》 Singing Market The Musical is going to take on a role of a noodle hawker in the market which is so much different from her real person who is more gentle and soft. During the press conference, she even spoke a few Hakka phrases. She said, “Although I am a Hakka, but I seldom speak Hakka with people in real life. Surprisingly, the director requested me to take up the challenge in speaking Hakka during the show, so there’s a bit of stress playing this role. Although the character is totally different from the real me, I am having a lot of fun role-playing it.”

Mr tan (played by 陳明耀)賣麵嫂(played by 友弟)kopi明(played by 劉漢文)

During the press conference, 《花啦啦歌舞团》casts have shown us how they looked like in their costumes. Most of them have admitted that their characters in the show are a challenge for them because the characters’ personalities are different from their real life. However, they are willing to take up the challenge for the sake of the director and the audience.

理强 Humbly Learning From杨伟汉
Besides, this is also the first time for singing champion林必媜 to take part in such a grand musical show. This is a new attempt for her because most of her previous stage performances are solo. This time, she will be acting as couple with one of the main character in the show, retired DJ理强, there will even be an intimate scene between them in the show! 理强 has revealed that he is playing the role as a famous singer. Therefore, he has to perform love songs sentimentally and he also needs to show a handsome presentation. Media members have also asked him whether he will get advice and guidance from 杨伟汉,he admitted that he has always respected杨伟汉 and hopes to learn from him. While he can learn from 杨伟汉, he hopes that he can have his own style of role-playing too.

From left onwards: 貞貞(played by 林必媜)費強(played by 理強)芳芳(played by 沈詩芳)

Director 导演 Recalls Her Childhood Memory
《花啦啦歌舞团》Singing Market The Musical director何灵慧statedevery character has different designs which not only let the audience recall the 70s in Malaysia , it has also made her recall her childhood memories in Pasar. The director’s parents used to be working in the market selling herbs. So her relationship with people at the market is very close. However, due to the advancement of technology, she felt that the relationship between people has become further and further. Hence, she hopes that she can deliver the importance of friendship, family and love to the audience and let the audience recall and feel the taste of human relationships during the 70s.

Crews and lineups for the show!
The stage decoration is based on the theme of “Pasar” during the 70s. The main objective for this is to draw the audience more into the singing market. Besides, she hopes that the audience will feel that the price of their show tickets are worth every penny they spent. She hopes that in the future she can bring the crews to perform overseas and let the people from overseas to know of the stage performance of Malaysia production.

Promotion for early buyers:
To encourage more audience in supporting this Malaysia Musical Show, anyone who purchases the tickets from 30th September 2013 onwards will have a “buy 3 free 1” promotion. So, anyone who loves musical performance, you can bring along your family to watch the show.

Showtime & Ticket Sales Info

《花啦啦歌舞团》Classical Musical Show will be on stage from 14th November 2013 onwards till 25th November 2013 at KLPAC Pentas 1. The tickets categories include RM 63, RM 83, RM 123, RM 183, RM 253.

《花啦啦歌舞团》Story Background
The story background sets on around 70s, whereby there is a pair of sisters who are singers that are fading from the limelight. In order to survive, they have to give up their dreams to perform on stage and become a hawker in a market. Annual 普渡盛会is coming soon, but someone from the neighbourhood has spent and wasted the money originally planned to invite singers for performance during the festival. In order to let the festival runs smoothly, the two sisters have tried their best to pursue the neighbours to form their own singing troupe. There are a lot of ups-and-downs during the process. In the end, will 《花啦啦歌舞团》 be able to be formed? Let’s find out by watching the show!

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