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Saturday, 7 September 2013

[Coverage + Movie] “Dampak” Media Preview & Press Conference

[Coverage + Movie] “Dampak” Media Preview & Press Conference

Kuala Lumpur, 8th September  2013 – A few days ago there was media premiere of a local film known as “Dampak” which has taken place in cineleisure, e@curve.

As mentioned in the previous post, Dampak is an action packed revenge oriented film which features Aaron Aziz as the lead actor and is produced by a renowned production company Apes Haus and Ops Picture Sdn Bhd, under the direction of filmmaker Lai Yuk Long. It also features other notable casts such as Farid Kamil, Intan Ladyana, Cat Farish, Juliana Evans, Scha Alyahya as well as martial arts actor Michael Chin.

First Look of “Dampak” & Press Conference:
The movie revolves around the story of five siblings who seek revenge against the enemy of their stepfather. Aaron Aziz, Farid Kamil, Intan Ladyana, Juliana Evans and Michael Chin played as siblings in the movie.

Action-packed movie!
The movie itself has quite a number of action scenes. According to the actors and actresses, the stunts in the movie were all done by them their own. So it’s a very appreciable effort by the casts!

It’s like a graphical novel, not a gangster movie!
Despite of involving major gangsterism theme in it, the director, Lai has mentioned that the movie is actually more like a graphical novel instead of a gangster movie. It’s something like a fantasy movie.

Intan Ladyana takes on the tough challenges!
In this film, Intan Ladyana has to face a few challenges. One of it is that she’s required to portray a character who smokes inside the movie. It was kind of tough for her because in real life she does not like smoking at all. Apart from that, the biggest challenge is the rape scene with Farid Kamil. The scene itself requires some acting skills as she needs to portray as someone who is the victim of raping but at the same time having some urge to have intimate relationship with the guy. This is a very daring attempt taken by Intan Ladyana and she’s ready to accept any upcoming critics because she sees it as just an act and the scene is really required to make the story progresses.

21 days of filming in Klang Valley and also Pulau Ketam!
The film background setting involves a few places in Klang Valley and also Pulau Ketam because all the main characters originate from Pulau Ketam.

First Commercial Movie by Director Lai Yuk Long! The meaning of “Dampak”!
This is the first commercial film by director Lai Yuk Long. Lai also explained the meaning of “Dampak” from his own perspective. “Dampak” means impact and the movie focuses on how a person’s action can impact their life and etc.

“Dampak” will be screened in the cinema from 19th September 2013 onwards.

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