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Friday, 16 August 2013

[Movie Review] The Smurfs 2

Summarized Review of "The Smurfs 2" ( Full article review: http://loong-updates.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-smurfs-2-movie-review.html)

“The Smurfs 2” delivers the similar experience as seen in the predecessor. If you like the smurfs, then this is going to be a smurftastic experience for you.

  • Simple, direct plot with some fun that will put a smile of the light-hearted audience especially kids.
  • Has the message of “Family Love”.
  • Good introduction and character development for the different smurfs but lacking of elaboration on the real human actors. (Only those who have watched the 1st episode will know who are the human characters.)
  • Cheerful and lively music!

  • However, the CGI can be unrealistic at certain times.
  • The plot is predictable.
  • Some conversations in the movie has cheesy dialogues.

What can you expect from the movie?
- Blue creatures with cartoonish personality!
- La! La! La! Sing a happy song!

Verdict: 6.0/10.0

Smurfs haters are gonna hate it!
But people who love the smurfs will likely enjoy the movie!

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