[Coverage] MyFM Fantastic 15 之宫成西就

[Coverage] MyFM Fantastic 15 之宫成西就  

Kuala Lumpur, 19th August 2013 – MyFM  has celebrated their 15th anniversary via “MyFM Fantastic 15 之宫成西就” Concert a few days ago at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium. The concert was huge and has attracted a massive crowd to celebrate the event with enthralling performances by DJs and a variety of international & local singers.

Event details:
Date: 17th August 2013
Venue: Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium
Besides of having a concert, there was also a carnival on that same day starting from 12pm onwards which has livened up the place of happening. This concert was sponsored by Shokubutsu. The concert has cost RM 1,000,000 for the setting and preparation. The backdrop this time is a giant western castle. It’s not just a normal concert because it has some storyline in it thus making it more like a LIVE MUSICAL.

The celebrities invited for the concert this time include three of the MyFM spokespersons Evan Yo, Bell 宇田 and Pink 陈珂冰.  Other celebrities include: 张敬轩, Mr, Kary 吴雨霏, 周柏豪, Olivia Ong, AK, 宥胜, 乔毓明, 东于哲, Peace张诒博, Alvin 钟瑾桦, Fuying & Sam, Wincci 苏盈之, 赵洁莹, Nicole赖淞凤 and celebrity who appeared as a guest on screen, 付辛博.

The concert kicked off with the performance by AK, 东于哲, Peace张诒博 & Alvin 钟瑾桦 performing a series of songs such as Wolf, Super Girl & Beauty and A Beat. Then it was followed by MyFM Fantastic 15 ambassadors singing the theme songs this year, including Evan Yo’s Fantastic Man and Bell 宇田 & Pink 陈珂冰 MyFM 与你同在”. After this, the musical show officially begun with the introduction of the main characters of the show, the king, the queen and also the princesses. All these roles were played by the DJs.

The story of the show is about the king and the queen trying to search for suitable princes for their princesses. The princes were played by male DJs from MyFM. However, there was this evil magician who wanted to foil their plan because he himself wanted to marry all the pretty princesses. He even used his magic to make the king fainted. A series of challenges were made for these princes in order for them to save the king & marry the princesses. It’s like a fairy tale storyline complimented with a great lineups of marvelous singing by various talented stars.

Variety of splendid Singing Performances!
As mentioned, this concert was attended by many artists from both internationally and locally.
Right after the introduction of characters, Mr from Hong Kong has taken over the stage to sing two songs, 零时起哄 & 昨天.  

Almost every time after a unit of celebrity performed, there will be a gap whereby the audience managed to witness the introduction of the princes in a funny way or witness the challenges for the princes.

After Mr’s performance, it’s the performance by another Hong Kong artist, 周柏豪 singing我的宣言 and followed by  赵洁莹 singing眼泪碰石头.

乔毓明 from Singapore who has done her autograph session on the same day itself has performed a Medley: Under The Star + 眼若雨下 with her mesmerizing voice.
Malaysian Fuying & Sam sang分开以后 on stage. DJ Jack Lim joked calling them “Wuying and Jam”. (Wu ying means houseflies in cantonese)

A remix version of “In My Blood” was performed by Peace张诒博 & DJ Ken.

Local artist, Nicole赖淞凤 has performed爱我的人.
东于哲has performed the song幸福的风 while 宥胜sang都给你 for the fans! He said that he liked Malaysian fans very much and he hoped to come back here again if there is any promo again.

Alvin 钟瑾桦 sang狂欢 Never Stop!

Wincci 苏盈之 has impressed everyone during this concert with her amazing pole dance for the whole song不应该勇敢!

Olivia Ong who has been busy whole day for her album promo tour has performed two of the mandarin song in her new album 等等 and同化.

Kary 吴雨霏 from Hong Kong sang人非草木 and 我本人. She wore a very elegant gown dress during her performance.

AK has performed their song titled “Gentleman”. They have surprised the audience by suddenly switching the tune to Psy’s “Gentleman”. They danced along with the PSY’s version and also chipped in small part of Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” song. They have brought the audience into more excitement when they brought out their water gun and shot towards themselves and the crowd. However, one of the members accidentally slipped and fell down. Despite that, they didn’t stop making the crowd go wild!

Then, three ambassadors this year have come back on stage again to perform.
Bell 宇田then came on stage performing红豆梦 and雨是甜的. Both of these are very melodious songs and they were well performed by Bell’s sweet voice.

Evan Yo 蔡旻佑 sang”好不好”and his first debut song,”我可以”.  Evan said that he was very thankful for all the opportunity given by MyFM since his first debut. He also thanked the fans for supporting him all the time. Then, he stated that he was looking for a girlfriend from Malaysia. So, any female fans who liked him very much, you can try contact him.
Besides, during the performance, he actually asked one of the fans to go on stage while he was singing the song”我可以”.  He even hugged the fans. I am sure that lucky fans will be too happy till can’t sleep that night.

Pink陈珂冰 on the other hand has performed a MEDLEY of Firework + Grenade + 冰山一角. It was a nice mix spiced up with her unique voice. She also sang “Never Let You Go”.

The finale of the show was the performance by 张敬轩. His songs were really nice and his voice was magnificent. It was a really good finishing for the show!

Challenges Accepted! Djs performed various unbelievable stunts and acts!
Besides the great performances by singers, the DJs have put up quite an impressive act themselves with funny and laughable dialogues, such as the “Flat the body” joke and etc. The most amazing part is that, they actually really put in a lot of effort in performing various difficult stunts.

For example, DJ Jeff has performed a jumping over the fire on roller blade. DJ Royce has toughened up his body to break woods, bricks and even watermelon with his head! DJ Jason on the other hand performed amazing archery skill shooting at the balloons. DJ Jym used his teeth to pull heavy objects including a…CAR! DJ Roax held his breath for around 1 minute and it was really thrilling!
Of course, Kudos to DJ Jack Lim too for wearing a wig and a boost up costume for the whole show playing as a queen!

Overall, it was a FANTASTIC SHOW!

Anyway, MyFM Fantastic 15 之宫成西就 will be broadcasted on Astro Wah Lai Toi 华丽台 (Channel 311) & Astro 至尊HD (Channel 310). If you have missed the show LIVE, then you shouldn’t miss it again on Astro.

Below are the details of the broadcast time:
Premiere : 16 September (Monday) 5PM
Repeat : 21 September (Saturday) 11AM

MyFM Fantastic 15 之宫成西就 Track List
  1. Wolf + Super Girl + Beauty and A Beat : AK, 东于哲 ,Peace张诒博, Alvin 钟瑾桦
  2. Fantastic Man : Evan Yo 蔡旻佑 (MyFM 15th Anniversary Theme Song)
  3. MYFM 与你同在 : Bell 宇田 & Pink陈珂冰 (MyFM 15th Anniversary Theme Song)
  4. 零时起哄 : Mr.
  5. 昨天 : Mr.
  6. 我的宣言 : 周柏豪
  7. 眼泪碰石头 : 赵洁莹
  8. MEDLEY:Under The Star + 眼若雨下 : 乔毓明
  9. 分开以后 : Fuying & Sam
  10. In My Blood : Peace张诒博 ft DJ Ken
  11. 爱我的人 : Nicole赖淞凤
  12. 幸福的风 : 东于哲
  13. 都给你 : 宥胜
  14. 狂欢 Never Stop : Alvin 钟瑾桦
  15. 不应该勇敢 : Wincci 苏盈之
  16. 等等 : Olivia Ong
  17. 同化 : Olivia Ong
  18. 人非草木 : Kary 吴雨霏
  19. 我本人 : Kary 吴雨霏
  20. Gentleman : AK
  21. 红豆梦 : Bell 宇田
  22. 雨是甜的 : Bell 宇田
  23. 好不好 : Evan Yo 蔡旻佑
  24. 我可以 : Evan Yo 蔡旻佑
  25. MEDLEY: Firework + Grenade + 冰山一角 : Pink陈珂冰
  26. Never Let You Go : Pink陈珂冰
  27. 樱花树下 : 张敬轩
  28. 酷爱 : 张敬轩
  29. 完全因你 : 张敬轩 

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