[Coverage] Launching of Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 & Tech Titan Data Force 1 With Jay Chou

[Coverage] Launching of Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 & Tech Titan Data Force 1 With Jay Chou

Launching of Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 & Tech Titan Data Force 1 With Jay Chou
Venue: GSC Pavillion
Date: 5th August 2013
Before I start off with my coverage, would like to thank Kaspersky and Tech Titan for the good hospitality during the event. 

Good food provided for the media members!

KUALA LUMPUR, August 8, 2013 – Just a few days ago, Kaspersky Lab has launched their latest products – Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 (KIS 2014) Premium PC Protection and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 (KAV 2014) Essential PC Protection. Besides that, Tech Titan has also introduced their latest product which is the Data Force 1.

The venue was filled with media members and the lucky fans! 
Mr. Len from Tech Titan Sdn Bhd.
The launching event began at around 4.30pm with Mr Len from Tech Titan Sdn Bhd  giving a speech regarding the latest Tech Titan Product. A video presentation was then shown on the screen. Inside the video, a few stories were shown regarding how our privacy would be compromised if the important data accidentally fell onto the wrong hands. With the latest Data Force 1, all these problems would have been avoided easily. Mr Thomas Tan from Tech Titan then came on stage and introduced to the audience regarding Tech Titan. Tech Titan has been providing good things to the consumers, not just the good products, but as a sponsor for a few entities such as the movie Kepong Gangster, Malaysia IT Fair and etc.  After the speech, there was another short video presentation regarding the necessity for Data Force 1 in our life.  For more information regarding the product, you can refer to the media release which I have posted a few days ago:

Mr. Thomas Tan

After that, Fuying & Sam, the local artist ambassadors were invited to stage to sing for the audience. All their fans were delighted as they saw them performed. Fuying & Sam then has a short interview by the emcee regarding their opinion on the products as well as their current career now. Fuying & Sam has recently won a few awards and they are planning to release a new full album in Taiwan. So, Fuying & Sam fans, do take note of this!

Fuying and Sam performing on stage!
Then, the launch event proceeded with Mr Jimmy Fong’s speech. He is from Hong Kong but he was aware of the festive season in Malaysia, thus he wished the audience Selamat Hari Raya! According to Mr. Jimmy Fong, Channel Sales Director, SEA, Kaspersky Lab, the 2014 edition of the brand’s flagship products were developed to provide more comprehensive and intuitive protection against the explosive growth in volume and complexity of threats that are increasingly targeting online financial transactions, and the theft of personal data. It was definitely a good product which provides safety for all of our important data! Ms Ellis Chung was then invited to the stage for a speech regarding the marketing direction of Kaspersky Lab.

Mr. Jimmy Fong.

Ms.Ellis Chung.

Shortly, a group of dancers appeared on stage for a dance performance to entertain the media members and the lucky fans who attended the launching program. The background song used during the dance performance includes Jay Chou’s 双截棍.

Jimmy Low  from Kaspersky Lab then introduced more regarding the latest features of the new product. The new Kaspersky Lab flagship products are now integrated with ZETA Shield technology, Trusted Application Mode and Anti-blocker functionality. It also has a better Windows 8 optimization.

Mr. Jimmy Low

A few videos were then shown including the making of Jay Chou TV Commercial and the final product of the Jay Chou Commercial video. A history of Jay Chou was also shown during the video presentation and it ended with Jay Chou saying, “Kaspersky, 天下无双”!

Finally, Jay Chou, international megastar and Kaspersky Lab Brand Ambassador for the Asia Pacific was then invited on stage for the launching event.  Jay Chou accompanied by Ms. Ellis Chung, Mr. Jimmy Fong and Mr Len on hand to launch the latest Kaspersky Lab’s flagship products and TECH TITAN Data Force 1, a USB ciphering and anti-virus dongle that will be powered by KIS 2014. Jay Chou’s appearance at the launching event was brief but memorable.

Press Conference.
That’s the end of the launching event. Media then has another closed press conference with Jay Chou, Mr.Jimmy Fong, Mr.Len and Ms.Ellis Chung. During the closed press conference, a lot of the questions were directed toward Jay Chou. Some of the questions asked during the event include:

  • His was asked about his opinion and personal experience with Kaspersky. He said that he will definitely share the product with his friends in music industry. In fact, he stated that he was using Kaspersky even before he was assigned as the ambassador.
  • About his post-concert feelings and whether will he make his concert into a movie like how other artists did nowadays. (Jay has performed for three nights in Malaysia for his OPUS JAY World Tour).  He replied that he still preferred to sing LIVE in concert instead of making it into a movie. Because he said that he can have more interaction with his fans that way.
  • His opinion about Malaysia. He replied that being in Malaysia was fun. The people in Malaysia did not interfere much with his stay in Malaysia and he thought that the Malaysians are friendly.
  • Some media members questioned him regarding his rumor with Jolin and etc. He replied that wherever there is a presence of media, there would be rumors too. But of course, there were good ones and bad ones among the media members. He believed that the Malaysian media members are not the bad ones.
  • He brought his band members to some nightlife fun in Malaysia. Because as a leader among his members, he needs to make sure everyone is having fun working with him. He even jokingly asked the media members for recommendation of clubs to visit.
  • He was asked whether he would worry if his photos with his girlfriend were leaked out from his computer. He replied that, he has nothing to afraid of because he seldom takes photos of himself.
  • A media member directed a question regarding the number of years of his contract as the ambassador of Kaspersky. He replied that he has signed for 2 years contract. If he could, he wished that the contract can be extended because he would really enjoy using the products for free!
That’s all for the coverage. Hope you have enjoyed reading it.

To learn more about TECH TITAN Data Force 1, visit: www.tech-titan.com
To learn more about Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014, please visit: http://www.kaspersky.com.my

Published by WLJack.

Published by WLJack.

WL Jack

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