[Coverage] Bii 畢書盡 "Come Back To Bii” Promo Tour @ Sungei Wang Plaza

[Coverage] Bii 畢書盡 "Come Back To Bii” Promo Tour @ Sungei Wang Plaza

Kuala Lumpur, 31st August 2013 – Bii 畢書盡, a Korean-Chinese mixed singer has come over to Malaysia for a series of promotion of his second album, “Come back to Bii” from 27th August 2013 to 1st September 2013. The promo tour has taken part in a few different states including Selangor, KL, Johor, Perak as well as Penang. Our team was managed to do a coverage on his promo activity in Sungei Wang Plaza.

Huge crowd of fans in Sungei Wang Plaza!
Bii’s appearance in Sungei Wang Plaza has attracted many fans to come over to meet him LIVE. Most of the fans were well-prepared with fan boards written with “Bii”. A lot of them have waited more than an hour before the scheduled time for Bii’s appearance.

MyFM DJ Jym breaking the ice with fans!
The emcee of the day is MyFM DJ Jym. Before Bii’s appearance, he was interacting with the fans and kept them hyped up with some poster giveaways and etc. During his poster giveaways, he requested that each fans need to voice out one question for Bii if they wanted to get the posters.

Some of the questions asked by fans included:
  • How old is Bii now?
  • What is Bii’s favourite food in Malaysia?
  • Does Bii have girlfriend yet?
And some funnier questions:
  • When does Bii plan to get married?
  • How does Bii think of Jym, does he think that Jym is handsome also?
And a cute question asked by a young boy:
  • What is the happiest thing that Bii has ever done in his life?
Apart from the ticket giveaway, Jym has also done a warm-up with the fans whereby he asked the fans to sing the chorus of Come back to Me from each side of the fans. The fans really knew the lyrics and they sang the chorus part as told by the emcee.

Fans cheering and screaming in excitement as Bii appeared on stage!
Bii has finally come on stage to meet-and-greet the fans with his charming smile. All of the fans were very excited and were screaming in joy seeing their favourite idol came on stage. Bii sang one of his most famous Hit song now, Come back to meand all of the fans sang along too.

Below is the video of his performance during the event:

Biis interaction with fans!
A few lucky fans were chosen from the crowd to go on stage for a mini-game and interaction with Bii. After the game, Bii took some photographs with the lucky fans.

Autograph sessions with very long queue!
The event then proceeded with the autograph session. The amount of fans who bought the CD album for Biis autograph was numerous. The queue was very long and the fans still remained at the venue even after their albums were signed.  From here, we can see that Bii really has a great fan base in Malaysia.

Overall, Bii is really a rising star and his songs are really great. Just in case some of you still do not know him yet. It’s time to Google for his name and check out his music!

Last but not least, thanks to Universal Music Malaysia for bringing Bii over to Malaysia.

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