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Sunday, 28 July 2013

[Nuffnang] “If I Were A Naughty Smurfette for a Day…”

[Nuffnang] “If I Were A Naughty Smurfette for a Day…”
This is a blog post for a Nuffnang Contest~!

Smurfette: "Hahaha..! It's time to get naughty!"
1) If I were a Naughty Smurfette,I will use the opportunity to sing some banana songs while the other smurfs are LaLaLaLa~ing! Because Minions hype is still going all over my mind and I can’t stop myself from singing BaBaBaBa NaNa (Banana song) instead of LaLaLa. Just wanna get naughty and go against the norm for once in my smurf life.

Smurfette: "I wanna sing the banana song.."

2) Besides, Smurfette is a slim smurf and it’s high possibility that she needs to be on a tight diet in order to keep the body fit. It’s time to get naughty and eat more than she could. Time to go for some buffets and try a variety of food! What naughty things which smurfette can do to achieve this wish to eat so many food? Well, she can secretly go and spend all the groupons, streetdeals coupons and vouchers purchased by PAPA Smurf! :D

3) What other naughty things which Smurfette can do? Well, go around “TWERKING” whole day long~! Just like how Miley Cyrus is twerking in her new video!
(Do browse up for definition of Twerking, it is a dance whereby the person shake his/her hip up,down,side to side and in circular motion)

Throughout the day, Smurfette will be a MOTHER-FATHER NAUGHTY SMURF! 


Tell us in your post whether you think Smurfette will stay true blue… or lose her colour and turn into one of the naughties.

In the end, I think Smurfette will still eventually stay true blue. This is because while being naughty can be fun sometimes,  being a kind smurf is even better. 

Why being TRUE BLUE is better?

1) It’s weird for a smurf to sing Banana Song! Lalala happy song fits smurfette better!
Being a nice TRUE BLUE Smurf is what smurfette should be. While banana song is catchy, I think smurfs’ “La La La” Happy song is more suitable because the song is the true nature which defines smurf. Smurfs are not minions. And smurfs are cute and unique themselves too~!

2) Eating massively can be fun but not good for health.
It’s good for smurfette to eat a lot of food. While it can fulfill the sensation on your taste bud, it can cause a lot of health disorder such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and etc. Don’t too easily give in to the temptation of delicacies! (Even though I know it would be kinda hard too~! :-p)

3) Twerking 
While a lot of people are doing twerking nowadays, it’s not good to get too addicted and obsessed. If Smurfette has Twerking addiction, it might cause PAPA smurf and the rest of the smurf to suffer from the same problem as the family below. (Do watch the video below, it's actually quite informative..and hilarious!)

So, will Smurfette lose her colour? 
No! I still think Smurfette will remain sweet in TRUE BLUE colour! 

BLUE is a nice colour! 
Just like Nuffnang and Churpchurp which also have TRUE BLUE as their theme colour! :D

Let's smurf to the Nuffnang Premiere!

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