[Coverage] Astro “Wellness On The Go” "星级健康" Promo Event @ Jinjang Utama Pasar, Jalan Jinjang Utara!

Date: 20th July 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 8.00am
Venue: Jinjang Utama Pasar, Jalan Jinjang Utara

Kuala Lumpur, 20th July 2013 - In conjunction with the program "Wellness On The Go". Astro has organized an "Exercise with celebrities" 百人操 with tvb celebrities. This event was sponsored by Anlene (as main sponsor), Naturel Oil, Pensonic and BP Healthcare as partnering sponsors, Melody FM and MyFM were the official FM for “Wellness On The Go” event.

Earlier that morning, the crowd registered first and they were given free t-shirts & registration number which would be needed for health check-up later that day. The crowd who was at the event was quite huge. During the event, Anlene has also provided with free milk to the crowd. Before the event started, the emcee of the day, has chosen a few fans to go on stage for some games. The winners of the game have the chance to win a Tvb exclusive toy, TV Buddy.

At around 8.30am, the celebrities including 陈展鹏、陈敏芝、陈智燊 and 姚子羚  finally came on stage.  Shortly after they introduced themselves to the crowd, 陈智燊spontaneously went to the ground and instructed the crowd to stay at one arm distance so that they can have enough space to do the aerobic exercise.  After that, 陈展鹏、陈敏芝 and 姚子羚 also came down to the ground to do warm-ups with the crowd.

Below is the video during the aerobic exercise.

When the celebrities were on stage, the participants were given the chance to play games too. One of the aunty who went on stage was brave enough to request for a group photos with the celebrities. Here’s the photo of the aunty with the group of celebrities.

Thanks to the initiative by the auntie. The next lucky fans was able to get a group photos with the celebrities too.

The event then proceeded with the celebrities introducing more about the show. A doctor has also invited to the stage to promote regarding the show. Health issues such as Diabetes Mellitus, Osteoporosis, Ischemic Heart Disease and Major Depressive Disorders have been some major illnesses affecting the quality of life for people in this day and age. So, through this programme “Wellness On The Go”  "星级健康", Astro and TVB have collaborated once again in order to deliver the informative health knowledge to the people via TV. The program will be hosted by TVB stars including the four of them who have attended the百人操. The first episode will feature陈智燊 and he will be tackling on the topic of “Psychological Health.

As for the other celebrities, they will go to the other places in Malaysia and they will cover on a few different topics. 陈展鹏 will cover on “Osteoporosis”and his episode will be filmed in Cameron Highlands (4th August 2013), 陈敏芝 will cover on the topic of “Heart disease”and her episode will be filmed in Penang (18th August 2013). On the other hand, 姚子羚 will cover on “Diabetes Mellitus” and her episode will be in Ipoh (1st September 2013).  

All of these program will be presenting information which are supervised by professional doctors specialist. Thus, it will be both entertaining and informative which will keep you more healthy! 陈智燊 being a host in quite a number of TVB programs, has jokingly said and promoted, “One of the best tips to stay healthy is, by watching more Astro and TVB programmes”!

“Wellness On The Go” will be on air starting from 2nd September 2013 onwards, every Monday 10.30pm, in Astro Wah Lai Toi (CH 311) and Astro HD (CH 310) airing at the same time. So, do stay tuned to the programs!

After the “Aerobic Exercise with the celebrities”, there was a short press conference located at the basketball court. During the press conference, the celebrities discussed and promoted again regarding the show.  Since it was located at a place exposed to the crowd. So, the crowd basically surrounded the space around the press conference zone. Some of the aunties even shouted, “陈展鹏, you are very handsome!”. And “陈敏芝 very pretty!” in cantonese. The celebrities were sporting enough to smile back to the fans.

Anyway, during the press conference, one of the media members asked the celebrities regarding Moses and Aimee’s wedding. They all replied that they were busy with their tasks and assigned jobs. So, they weren’t managed to attend their wedding. But they have already sent their greetings to the newly-wedded artists couple.

Ruco and Aimee have been filming together in Malaysia a few months ago. He was asked whether he realized that she was pregnant. He replied that he really was not aware of it. He said that Aimee was very professional and she stayed focus in her job thus no one really notice that she was already pregnant.

##Some more exclusive hints:
姚子羚 said that she loves to drink white coffee and she would really wanted to try out some famous white coffee during her upcoming filming of her episode in Ipoh. So, to those Ipoh people who love 姚子羚, do take note ya! :-)

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