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Friday, 28 June 2013

[Coverage] AIA Kpop Concert 2013 in Malaysia

Kpop Sensation Heated Up Putra Indoor Stadium with “AIA Kpop Concert 2013 in Malaysia”

27th June 2013 – The Putra indoor stadium, Bukit Jalil has been flooded with K-pop fans on Thursday (27th June 2013) due to a Hallyu invasion, “AIA Kpop Concert 2013”. The concert has featured famous Kpop idols; BEAST, 4 Minute and G.NA.

Kpop Sensation Heated Up Putra Indoor Stadium with “AIA Kpop Concert 2013 in Malaysia”
This concert was held in conjuction with AIA 65th anniversary. This concert would be a good way for AIA to connect with the younger generation because Kpop fever is the current trend for the youth.  
Before the concert started, food was served to anyone with dinner coupons. Apart from that, everyone was also provided with a pink glow sticks and mineral water. The pink glow sticks on every audience’s hand make the whole stadium looked like a pink ocean.

The concert began with some introductory video regarding the members of BEAST, 4 Minute and G.NA.  Then, AIA CEO, Bill Lisle has given a speech before the concert started. People were excited when he said, “Good evening! Are u ready to party?”!

G.NA was the first act of the show. The audience was screaming in joy when they saw her appeared from the bottom of the stage. She sang a few songs including 2HOT, FIRST KISS, TOP GIRL and etc. Junhyung from Beast has also appeared on stage for one of her song.

G.NA has also surprised everyone by singing Rihanna’s “Take A Bow”. Her voice is powerful yet sweet. Wanna listen to her version of “Take a bow”? You can listen to it via the link here:

Before she left the stage, she sang another of her hit song, “Black and White”.  Everyone was mesmerized by her performance.

After G.NA, the next act was 4 Minute. They came on stage with the song, “What’s Your Name?” The crowd was excited to see the girls in colourful hip-hop style clothing appeared on stage. Then, they continued to sing a few of their hits songs. The audience knew their songs well and they were singing along with the girls. 4 Minute felt touched as they saw that the crowd seem to know their songs well.
After a few songs, they also mentioned about their upcoming song which would be released a day after the concert and they hoped that the audience would like it.

The girls ended their performance on stage with their last song, “Hot Issue”. During this song, all of them were walking around the stage to interact with their fans.  

Beast was the final act of the show. They went on stage with their first song, “Beautiful Night”. The whole stadium was heated up as the fans were shouting and screaming for Beast’s appearance on stage. The boys have been running from the back to the front of the stage. Thus, fans from any zones were able to see them clearly. Their interaction with fans was awesome.

Then, they have also performed a new song for the very first time to the crowd. The audiences who have attended AIA Kpop Concert were so lucky!

Overall, the concert was brilliant and it was a pleasant surprise to see that AIA, a life insurance company can actually organize a concert as great as other major concert organizers in Malaysia. It was memorable and entertaining. Most importantly, we can feel the warmth and great efforts by AIA! Well done!

Million thanks to the organizer and AIA Bhd for inviting our team to cover the concert.

Photo credits: Official photographer for AIA Kpop 2013 in Malaysia
Video credits: Admin WLJack

Songs List:
  • 2HOT
  • 꺼져줄게 잘살아 (ENG ver)

  • INTRO+이름이 뭐에요
  • 거울아 거울아
  • IM OK
  • HUH
  • 모르는척
  • MENT 4

  • INTRO + 아름다운
  • 이럴줄 알았어
  • 앵콜 대기
  • V.I.U

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