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Thursday, 29 August 2013

[Food Review] Red Box and Green Box “World Buffet”

[Food Review] Red Box and Green Box “World Buffet”

As mentioned in the previous post, there was a Food Review event which has taken place just a few days ago in Red Box, The Gardens. During this food review, I have got the chance to try out the different variety of food available in the “World Buffet”. All these food recipes originated from different countries such as Brazil, Russia, Spain and etc.

Below are the photos of the food during the buffet:
  • Russia Shashlyk Chicken
  • Philippines Crispy Tilapia

  • Taiwan Teow Chew Duck
  • Brazil Rio Moqueca Seafood Stew
  • France Mussel Mornay
  • Japan Grill Honey Garlic
  • Spain Seafood Paella
  • Mexico Meatball Alla Chilli Con Carne Pasta
  • Indonesia Fragrant Prawn
  • England Shepherd Pie

And Many more!

These are some of the dishes in which most probably you can find during the buffet. I especially love the Shepherd pie. It tastes something like Lasagna but with a delicate flavor mixed with scrumptious texture.

Me totally enjoying the buffet at Red Box, The Gardens.
Besides I also indulged myself in the Fragrant prawn, it was fresh and has been spiced up with an exquisite taste. If you love spicy food, you will love this dish. Mexico Meatballs here are also nice, succulent and juicy.

Last but not least, I totally enjoyed the taste of the Teow Chew Duck. It has an aromatic smell and a nice oriental taste that is very palatable to anyone who digs Chinese Cuisine.

Other than the food above, there are still other food such as Fresh Oyster, Sushi and etc. After a satisfying meal, you can also go for some cooling desserts and ice cream here!

Anyway, I met Chef Bruce Lim too during the event. He is a prestigious chef who is quite famous and those of you who watched Asian Food Channel will surely know who he is. If you were at the event, you even have the chance to witness his LIVE demonstration of cooking.

Photo with Chef Bruce Lim.
Last but not least, I also met the celebrities who were the guests and assistant cooks that day.

It was a wonderful experience dining in the “World Buffet” in Red Box. Other than tasting various kind of delicacies, you can also enjoy singing karaoke here. So why not give it a try?

For more information, please visit:
Overall, the food in this International Buffet is a good treat to your taste bud. You can experience the taste from all around the world in one place, which is, Red Box Karaoke!

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