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Sunday, 25 August 2013

[Coverage] Astro’s Merdeka Day Campaign Aims to spread positivity and happiness!

[Coverage] Astro’s Merdeka Day Campaign Aims to spread positivity and happiness! 

Kuala Lumpur, 26st August 2013 – In conjunction with Malaysia’s 56th Independence Day, Astro celebrates the best of Malaysia through a variety of activities on air, online and on ground to spread positivity and happiness. They are the #gobeyond and #UrMalaysianisShowing campaigns, as well as the launch of a new music video, entitled, “Excuse me Sir, your Malaysian is showing.” The launching of all these campaigns have taken part on last Saturday (24th August 2013) with the presence of a great lineups of celebrity guests, bloggers as well as a huge public.

Spreading Positivity and Happiness!
Henry Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Astro said “This year, our Merdeka Campaign revolves around celebrating our uniqueness as Malaysians and encouraging everyone to do something positive to put a smile on the faces of others. We invite everyone to participate in our #gobeyond campaign and tell us about it on social media with the #gobeyond hashtag. Your positive action can be helping someone in need or even writing an inspiring message, which trigger the Positive Engine. Every positive act will be tabulated. To date, we have received over 140,000 positive contributions and we are aiming to exceed the million mark.”

The Positive Engine!

Unique Malaysianess!
The Positive Engine is the first of its kind that features Malaysian landmarks and is housed in the 3rd floor in Mid Valley Megamall for all to see. Astro celebrates the best o 1Malaysia and our Malaysianess by recognizing our unique lingo such as Syok!, Gostan, Brudder, Fuyoh, Macha, understood only by fellow Malaysians. Everyone can be part of this and own their favourite lingo on T-shirt via the #UrMalaysianIsShowing Facebook app. Proceeds from the sale will contribute towards a charitable cause.  

Malaysian themed Music Video!
A music video aptly titled “Excuse me Sir, your Malaysian is showing” is also created. A few Malaysian artists have also sang the song LIVE during the launching of the campaign on 24th August 2013. The music was indeed full of the flavor of Malaysianess.

During The Launching Programme:
Date: Saturday, 24 August 2013
Time: 3:00PM
Venue: Level 3, North Court (in front of Food Juntion), Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

Among the celebrites who have attended the event included赵洁, Astro本地圈艺人颜慧萍,关萃汶 and MY FM DJ贾森. Besides, Dato’ Aznil Hj NawawiRevathyLisa SurihaniLingkeshVinothHaniff (ERA)Arnorld (hitz.fm)Ryan De Alwis (hitz.fm)Ezra (MIX fm) and Uthaya (THR Raaga) have also attended the event. Many bloggers were there too participating in an activity organized by Nuffnang and Astro.

Apart from all these, the venue also has a photography spot whereby the public can take photos there. Some of the celebrities also went there to interact and take photos with the public. And there was a booth whereby we can customize our own unique Malaysian Lingo T-shirt on-the-spot.

For photo album during the event, please visit:
Photo Album of Astro Merdeka Campaign

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