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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

[Anime Event Coverage] Animangaki 2013

[Anime Event Coverage] Animangaki 2013

Kuala Lumpur, 28th August 2013 – Last weekend (24th & 25th August 2013) was absolutely great for anime and manga fans because the annual ANIMANGAKI 2013 has held in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre from 10am to 6pm. Anyway, just in case you guys do not know about Animangaki yet, it is an event organized by fans for fans with the objective of gathering people with similar interest. Animangaki itself is a word derived from the combination of “Anime”, “Manga” and “Gaki” (Gaki means brat in Japanese).

Interesting Activities whole day long!
Many amazing activities have been carried out during the event such as Touhou Festival, AniManGaki Idol, Cosplay competition, Band and stage performances, art contest and etc. All these activities made the whole venue looked like a paradise for anime & manga fans! It has also brought the fans closer to each other. It has also given them a chance to express their talents in drawing and even singing Japanese anime OP songs.

Variety of Merchandise and Souvenirs Booth!
One attraction about this event was, it has many booths selling anime and manga merchandises. You can get many kind of souvenirs such as folders, posters, t-shirts and etc here which has your favourite anime logo or characters printed on them. Plus, those items were sold at a reasonable price.

Anime & Manga Characters Come To LIVE! It’s a COSPLAYER World!
Not often can we see Straw Hat Luffy, Naruto, Kurosaki Ichigo or even Collosal Titan from Shingeki no Kyojin roaming around on the streets. During this event, it’s like at every corner, any of your favourite anime and manga characters could appear right in front of you!

Those cosplayers themselves have made the event more interesting and enjoyable. This event has provided the opportunity for cosplay enthusiasts to dress in their favourite character costumes and imitate those characters’ attitude, personality and behavior. It’s a great sight to see how cosplaying culture has gained more and more fans base in Malaysia and this event has undeniably attracted quite a number of really cool and awesome cosplayers!

Some cosplayer photos taken during the event:

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Overall, this event was very fun especially to those cosplayers because they get to know new friends who share the same interest and passion. Some of them would just dance along to some Miku song and just have fun. On the other hand, those who were not cosplaying also have a lot of excitement seeing their beloved characters come to live and took photographs with them. It’s a good treat for anyone who indulges in Anime and Manga Culture!

Well done, Animangaki organizers! Thanks for bringing us this wonderful Anime Manga event! Looking forward for this event to happen again next year!

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