[Concert Coverage] 2024 B.I Concert Tour “HYPE UP IN KUALA LUMPUR” @ Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur

[Concert Coverage] 2024 B.I Concert Tour “HYPE UP IN KUALA LUMPUR” @ Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur 

Kuala Lumpur, 2024 – South Korean rapper B.I delivered an electrifying performance to his Malaysian fans during his 2024 HYPE UP Tour, bringing dynamic energy and unforgettable music to Kuala Lumpur on 30th June 2024. Organized by Lofi Entertainment, the concert took place at the Mega Star Arena, transforming the venue into a pulsating epicenter of hip-hop and K-pop fusion. The evening kicked off with an exhilarating Padi DJ Show, setting the stage for what was to come. The excitement reached its peak as B.I took the stage captivating the audience from the very first note of his intro track " MICHELANGELO."

B.I, who initially gained fame as the leader and main rapper of the K-pop group iKON, has been making significant waves as a solo artist since his debut in 2021. His performance included a rich and diverse setlist, featuring hits like "Alive," "돗대 (One and Only)," "WATERFALL," and the poignant "해변 (illa illa)." The crowd was enthralled as B.I transitioned through tracks like "Loved," "Numb," and "4 Letters," each song showcasing his versatility and artistry. The energy continued to build with performances of "BTBT," "Keep me up," "Got It Like That," and "역겹겠지만 (Remember me)," leading into the emotionally charged "겁도 없이 (Dare to Love)."

A special highlight of the concert was the appearance of LEO, who joined B.I on stage for a mesmerizing rendition of "Pretty Plzzz" and also performed "Come Closer" and "Farewell." This collaboration added an extra layer of excitement for the fans. B.I’s interaction with the audience was a testament to his sincerity and dedication. He frequently came down from the stage to engage with fans, creating intimate moments that were cherished by all. One memorable moment was when B.I asked who among the crowd was nineteen years old and then allowed them to take selfies with him, further endearing himself to his fans.

The concert continued to dazzle with performances of "Tasty," "TO DIE," "TTM," "Flame," "LOVER," and an unforgettable sequence of "접속 (JEOPSOK)," "BORN HATER," and "Smoke." B.I also delivered powerful renditions of "열아홉 (NINETEEN)," "망가진 장난감의 섬 (The Island of Misfit Toys)," "DIE FOR LOVE," and the vibrant "All shook up" and "해일 (Wave)." The night culminated with the uplifting "개가트닌생 (Beautiful Life)," the dreamy "COSMOS," and the reflective "다음생 (Re-Birth)."

Malaysian fans showed their appreciation by preparing a special video for B.I, adding an emotional touch to the night. The concert concluded with an encore that felt like an entire additional show, making it worth every penny for those in attendance. In summary, B.I’s 2024 HYPE UP IN KUALA LUMPUR concert was a remarkable display of talent, energy, and genuine connection with fans. It was undoubtedly one of the most well-worth concerts ever, leaving everyone in the Mega Star Arena with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Many thanks to Lofi Entertainment for bringing such an amazing show to Malaysia!

[演唱会报道] 2024 B.I 巡演 “HYPE UP IN KUALA LUMPUR” @ Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur

吉隆坡,2024年——韩国说唱歌手B.I在他的2024 HYPE UP巡演中为马来西亚粉丝带来了令人振奋的表演,将充满活力和难忘的音乐带到了吉隆坡。演唱会由Lofi Entertainment主办,于2024年6月30日在Mega Star Arena举行,将场地变成了嘻哈和K-pop融合的脉动中心。晚会以Padi DJ Show的激动人心的表演拉开序幕,为即将到来的精彩表演奠定了基调。当B.I登上舞台并以他的开场曲《MICHELANGELO》吸引了观众的注意时,兴奋达到了顶峰。

B.I最初作为K-pop组合iKON的队长和主唱而成名,自2021年以个人身份出道以来,他作为独唱艺人一直在取得显著的成就。他的表演包括丰富多样的曲目单,包含了《Alive》、《돗대 (One and Only)》、《WATERFALL》和感人的《해변 (illa illa)》。当B.I演唱《Loved》、《Numb》和《4 Letters》等曲目时,观众被他每首歌的多才多艺和艺术性深深吸引。随着《BTBT》、《Keep me up》、《Got It Like That》和《역겹겠지만 (Remember me)》的表演,能量继续攀升,直至充满情感的《겁도 없이 (Dare to Love)》。

演唱会的一大亮点是LEO的出现,他与B.I一起表演了令人着迷的《Pretty Plzzz》,并演唱了《Come Closer》和《Farewell》。B.I与观众的互动证明了他对粉丝的真诚。他经常从舞台上下来与粉丝互动。

演唱会继续以《Tasty》、《TO DIE》、《TTM》、《Flame》、《LOVER》和令人难忘的《접속 (JEOPSOK)》、《BORN HATER》和《Smoke》的表演闪耀。B.I还演唱了《열아홉 (NINETEEN)》、《망가진 장난감의 섬 (The Island of Misfit Toys)》、《DIE FOR LOVE》和充满活力的《All shook up》和《해일 (Wave)》。夜晚以振奋人心的《개가트닌생 (Beautiful Life)》、梦幻的《COSMOS》和反思性的《다음생 (Re-Birth)》达到高潮。

马来西亚的粉丝通过准备一段特别的视频向B.I表达了他们对他的爱慕,为这夜晚增添了情感色彩。演唱会以感觉像是整个额外加场表演的安可结束,使得在场的每个人都觉得物超所值。毫无疑问,这是今年最值得票价的演唱会之一,留下了在Mega Star Arena中每个人一生难忘的回忆。

非常感谢Lofi Entertainment将如此精彩的演出带到马来西亚!

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