[Coverage] 8TV "Family Singing Show 《好声Family》" Season 5 Media Gathering Event! The Show Premieres on 7th July 2024 (Featuring Leanne Li and Christopher Lay)

[Coverage] 8TV "Family Singing Show 《好声Family》" Season 5 Media Gathering Event! The Show Premieres on 7th July 2024 (Featuring Leanne Li and Christopher Lay)

8TV "Family Singing Show 8TV "Family Singing Show 《好声Family》" " Season 5 Premieres on July 7, Leanne Li and Christopher Lay Break Down in Tears!

Kuala Lumpur, 2024 – The parent-child singing show "Family Singing Show" Season 5 will air on 8TV starting July 7, every Sunday at 9 PM. The show will be hosted by Gary Yap, Tan Ley Teng, and Charlotte for the fifth consecutive year, with music teacher Christopher Lay and Hong Kong artist Leanne Li on the judging panel.

In past seasons, celebrities shedding tears on set became a focal point. Gary Yap joked that the production team "warned" him not to "sell tears," saying, "They told me to stop always saying the show is tear-jerking, but our show is about true emotions, and it's hard to hold back tears at touching moments. But the show also has many happy, funny, and heartwarming scenes." He also shared an embarrassing story, apologizing to Ley Teng: "Once, I told her to express love to her mother promptly, which made her cry. Later, she told me her mother had passed away, and I felt guilty and apologized to her."

On the other hand, the two resident judges, known for their high threshold for crying, also shed tears on the show. Christopher Lay shared, "My father started losing his sight in his forties but insisted on driving to Kuala Lumpur to see me. One contestant had a similar situation, and I instantly empathized. I didn't understand my father's greatness when I was young; now that he's gone, I truly understand." Leanne Li said, "Their singing was so moving, I couldn't help but cry. Many scenes flashed through my mind, reminding me of my father." She mentioned that this was the longest time she had been away from her daughter, "I miss them very much and video call them often. They keep asking when I'll be back." Talking about the recording experience, she laughed, "The studio is very warm, and they play cheerful music during breaks, making me very relaxed. The staff prepared lots of food, like milk tea and pastries; this is a real weight-gain trip!"

The new season of 8TV "Family Singing Show 《好声Family》" consists of 10 episodes, each with a different competition theme. Four to five families will take the stage to showcase their talents. Resident judges and special guest judges will score the performances, with the highest-scoring family winning the title of "Champion Family." This season kicks off with a celebrity special featuring five artists and their families: newlyweds Danny and Jestinna, singer Thor Yin Wei and her daughter, "Produce Camp 2024" Malaysian representative Aun Li Ying and her sister, Malaysian Kpop idol Isaac Voo and his mother, and popular singer Dior and her father. Guest judges this season include Abin方炯镔、庄学忠、可晴、Jaspers赖宇涵、Daniel李靖能、Jeryl李佩玲、Rickman谢承伟、Geraldine颜慧萍、Rynn林宇中 and Elaine江梦蕾.

The fifth season of "Family Singing Show," presented by KINOHIMITSU, sponsored by EBENE, and with Eight FM as the designated radio station, as well as media partners Viralcham, Rojaklah, and 谈谈网, will not only continue with parent-child duets but will also introduce "couple duets" for the first time, adding more highlights to the show. This season will also feature special episodes bringing together six top male and six top female singers from the previous four seasons. They will showcase their outstanding singing talents and stage charisma to compete for the ultimate championship, presenting an extraordinary musical feast for the audience.

Since its premiere in 2020, "Family Singing Show 《好声Family》" has adhered to the concept of conveying family love through music, creating many beautiful memories for participating families and discovering many talented amateur singers. The show has been highly watched and discussed,earning the reputation of "Malaysia's most popular family reality show." For more details about the show, follow 8TV's official Facebook page: @8TVbadukongjian, official Instagram: @8tvmalaysia, official Xiaohongshu: @8tvmalaysia, and "Best of Local" Facebook and Instagram: @bestoflocal8TV. Viewers can watch 8TV's programs on the Tonton website or by downloading the Tonton app, or through myFreeview Channel 108, Astro Channel 148, and unifi Channel 108.






由KINOHIMITSU荣誉呈献、EBENE活力赞助、Eight FM为指定电台,以及Viralcham、Rojaklah和谈谈网为媒体伙伴的《好声Family》第五季,不仅延续了亲子组合,还首次增加“夫妻档”,为节目增添亮点。本季还将推出“好声歌王”和“好声歌后”特辑,汇聚前四季的6位歌王和6位歌后。他们将在节目中展示出色的歌唱实力和舞台魅力,争夺冠军头衔,为观众带来精彩音乐盛宴。


好声Family,我家最会唱!欲知更多有关节目详情,请关注八度空间官方脸书专页:@8TVbadukongjian、官方Instagram:@8tvmalaysia、官方小红书:@8tvmalaysia,以及“原创最霸”脸书专页和Instagram:@bestoflocal8TV。此外,观众可通过Tonton官方网站或下载Tonton应用程序观赏八度空间的节目,或通过myFreeview 108频道、寰宇电视148频道、unifi 108频道收看八度空间。

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