[Concert Coverage] AILEE I AM:HERE Concert Tour In Malaysia

[Concert Coverage] AILEE I AM:HERE Concert Tour In Malaysia

Ailee, a Korean-American vocal diva, dazzled fans with her first solo concert in South-East Asia, held in Malaysia!

Kuala Lumpur, 2024 - Ailee recently mesmerized over 3500 fans from South East Asia and the Middle East in Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur.

During her 11-year hiatus, she captivated audiences with her emotional performances of hit OSTs and chart-busters. She also interacted with her fans across stage barriers, bringing them closer to her and making the wait worthwhile. AILEE has been recognized by fans, critics, industry leaders, and several accolades as the ultimate performer and K-pop icon. Ailee, I Am:Here, the singing sensation's solo debut concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was a huge success due to her star power and celebrity magnetism.

LOL Asia's success with AILEE, I AM:HERE aligns with their strategic aim of being an Asia-wide entertainment brand.

LOL ASIA CEO Rizal Kamal hosted a press conference at Mega Star Arena, attended by over 50 local and international media titles. During the event, the icon shared highlights of her successful musical career and answered media questions with confidence. Ailee revealed her pre-studio ritual for creating chart-topping OSTs. She aims to create excitement and emotion in her songs while also bringing joy to her fans' hearts. "My goal is to connect with people through music." (You can check out our interview coverage here: https://www.wljack.com/2024/06/press-conference-ailee-i-am-here-mega.html )

AINA ABDUL, Malaysia's vocal powerhouse, performed as an opening for AILEE at the I AM:HERE performance at Mega Star Arena, raising the temperature even higher. Aina Abdul, a singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and vocal powerhouse, won the 'Best Vocals' award four years in a row. She opened with 'Semalam' and 'Terus Hidup' (a Korean version of her own song) while wearing a magnificent fuchsia gown. Aina credits her successful musical career to being inspired by Ailee. She captivated her local fans with an OST English hit 'You Are My Everything' from the 'Descendants of the Sun' K Drama Series, hyping audiences to receive the American-Korean four times consecutive 'best female vocalist' Ailee with love to Malaysia. Fans were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see two legendary vocalists perform on the same stage at a concert.

The highlight of the evening was Ailee's performance, which was expertly directed and produced by Deon Lee. AILEE, I AM:HERE featured a specially curated song-list for Malaysia, including hits like 'I Will Show You,' 'Don't Teach Me,' 'No, No, No,' 'Don't Touch Me,' 'Singing Got Better,' and more. Fans sang along to Ailee's debut single, 'Heaven,' which peaked at No. 3 on the Gaon Digital Chart and earned her numerous awards.

Ailee dedicated 'I Will Go To You Like The First Snow' to Malaysia, with fans flashing show banners and twerking to songs such as 'Ra Ta Ta,' 'Mind Your Own Business,' and 'U & I.' Ailee's vocal strength and pitch complimented her dance routines with her crew, showcasing her as a wholesome performer and causing her admirers to beg for encores repeatedly.

Local pastry chef Edwin Chan and fashion designer Ashley Wong paid tribute to Ailee with a three-tiered cake in concert colors and a gorgeous sequinned kebaya, demonstrating Malaysia's passion for the musician.
Ailee promised fans in Malaysia that she will return soon with more hits, energy, charm, and love for the city that had captured her heart.

LOL Asia's CEO, Rizal Kamal, commented, "We are very happy and enjoyed working with Ailee." We thank K-pop fans in Malaysia and those who traveled from other countries. After the success of the AILEE, I AM:HERE performance in Malaysia, the organizer plans to expand the partnership with further events outside of Malaysia and promote Ailee's growth as a worldwide artist.

Ailee's debut solo concert in Malaysia was a key milestone in her career, as she shared her contagious enthusiasm and chart-topping singles with fans in the region. The K-Pop Powerhouse has captivated Malaysian fans with her unrivaled talent, as seen by multiple chart-topping hits and accolades. Her varied musical repertoire, including powerful ballads and exciting dance numbers, creates a remarkable experience for audiences.

LOL Asia promises more to come.
LOL Asia presented Ailee, I AM:HERE, with cooperation from A2Z Entertainment, HOT FM, FLY FM, and Ascott Hotels.


吉隆坡,2024年 - Ailee最近在吉隆坡Mega Star Arena举办了她的东南亚首场个人演唱会,吸引了超过3500名来自东南亚和中东的粉丝。她通过演唱热门OST和排行榜金曲的感人表演,深深打动了观众。她还在舞台上与粉丝互动,拉近了与粉丝的距离。LOL Asia透过“Ailee, I Am:Here”的成功实现了他们成为亚洲娱乐品牌的目标。

LOL Asia的首席执行官Rizal Kamal在Mega Star Arena主持了一场新闻发布会,吸引了超过50家本地和国际媒体的关注。在发布会上,Ailee分享了她的音乐生涯,并透露了她录制热门OST前的过程,她希望在歌曲中创造情感,同时为粉丝带来欢乐。她表示:“我的目标是通过音乐与人们连接。”(您可以在此查看我们的采访报道:https://www.wljack.com/2024/06/press-conference-ailee-i-am-here-mega.html

马来西亚实力歌后AINA ABDUL作为Ailee演唱会的开场嘉宾,在Mega Star Arena的“I Am:Here”演出中更是把现场气氛推向高潮。AINA ABDUL是一位歌手、词曲创作人、唱片制作人、演员和实力派歌手,连续四年获得“最佳嗓音”奖。她以《Semalam》和《Terus Hidup》(她自己的歌曲的韩文版)开场,身穿一件华丽的紫红色礼服。AINA ABDUL表示,她的成功是受到Ailee的启发。

当晚的亮点当然是Ailee的演出,由Deon Lee精心导演和制作。Ailee, I Am:Here为马来西亚特别带来了《I Will Show You》、《Don't Teach Me》、《No, No, No》、《Don't Touch Me》、《Singing Got Better》等热门歌曲。粉丝们跟着Ailee的出道单曲《Heaven》合唱,这首歌曾在Gaon Digital Chart上排名第三,并为她赢得了众多奖项。

Ailee将《I Will Go To You Like The First Snow》献给马来西亚,粉丝们挥舞着演出横幅,随着《Ra Ta Ta》、《Mind Your Own Business》和《U & I》等歌曲舞动。

本地糕点师Edwin Chan和时装设计师Ashley Wong向Ailee致敬,送上了一款三层蛋糕,蛋糕的颜色与演唱会相呼应,并赠送了一件华丽的亮片马来传统服饰(kebaya),展示了马来西亚对这位音乐人的热爱。Ailee向马来西亚的粉丝承诺,她会带着更多的热门歌曲、能量、魅力和对这座城市的爱很快再回来。

LOL Asia的首席执行官Rizal Kamal评论道:“我们非常高兴并享受与Ailee的合作。”我们感谢马来西亚的K-pop粉丝以及那些从其他国家前来的粉丝。LOL Asia承诺更多精彩即将到来。

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