[Local Entertainment] “SCAMMER GENG MARHABAN”: Upcoming Comedy from Gempak Originals Series

 [Local Entertainment] “SCAMMER GENG MARHABAN”: Upcoming Comedy from Gempak Originals Series

Kuala Lumpur, May 2023 -
Following the success of the "whodunit" series dramas "The Maid" and the popular celebrity reality show "The House," Gempak Originals Series now presents another series with a new and unique concept.


"Scammer Geng Marhaban" is a comedy set in a village community with a heist theme and deception. This series is directed by Waan Hafiz, who previously directed the Gempak Original Series "Beriani Gam Kak Aspalela" last year and stars the talented young actor Amir Ahnaf, who is best known for his role as Kahar in the premium drama "High Council" from Astro Originals.


This eight-part series follows two siblings, Aidil and Adib, who are not on the same page. But when their mother, Hjh Quyah, falls victim to a scam while attempting to keep her position as President of the Marhaban Association, Aidil and Adib set out to find the mastermind who duped their mother. Many incidents occur along the way, including a love triangle between Aidil, Adib, and a girl.


Aidil, Amir Ahnaf's character, first appeared as a "rider" in the Anugerah Gempak Most Wanted in March and quickly went viral on social media. As a result, the "rider" character was developed in this series, and McDonald's became the series' primary sponsor.


In addition to Amir, this Sham Hashim-written series stars newcomers such as Lorenzo Irmann and Qistina Khaled, as well as veteran actors such as Ozlynn, Watie Sadali, and Che Kem. Raja Azura and Zahid AF make cameo appearances as well. The filming took place over a course of 17 days in Sekinchan, Kuala Selangor.


"Gempak Originals is committed to presenting content that is not only 'gempak' and of high quality, but also close to our society," says Syazwan Zakariah, Head of Content Studio Astro. We hope that the presence of this series will not only provide entertainment value, but will also raise awareness among viewers about the activities and tactics of scammers, which are still prevalent and manifest themselves in various ways. Gempak Originals also frequently features emerging talent such as Amir Ahnaf, Lorenzo Irmann, and Qistina Khaled. We believe that having Amir as the main pillar at this time allows us to see Amir's different side in a comedic role. This is Lorenzo's first appearance as the main character, and his compatibility pairing with Amir is one of the series' strengths."


Waan Hafiz, the director of Scammer Geng Marhaban, expressed excitement about the upcoming series. "This is my first time directing a heist comedy, and of course, my previous experience directing drama and comedy films has greatly aided in the production of Scammer Geng Marhaban." This time, the phenomenon is quite different because many people are already aware of the drama before it airs, for example, on the TikTok platform. I was also surprised because, despite the fact that this drama has not yet been broadcast, many people are aware of it. That, in my opinion, is a good thing. I hope the audience enjoys watching this series as much as I and everyone involved are excited to give our all."


Amir Ahnaf, the main actor in Scammer Geng Marhaban, expressed excitement about appearing in a comedy. "The character Kahar had a significant impact on my career after my appearance in High Council." As a continuation, I have dreams about different characters who can show different sides, and I believe Aidil is one of them. Acting during the fasting month is a challenge for me in Scammer Geng Marhaban. Furthermore, my character Aidil is very happy and active, so there is a lot of movement. So the first thing I need to do is conserve my energy. "To be honest, I'm happy to be a part of Scammer Geng Marhaban, and I hope this heartwarming story can brighten your day," he said.


Scammer Geng Marhaban will air every Thursday at 11 p.m. on Astro Ria, channel 104, beginning 4th May 2023. Viewers can also watch it on demand or through streaming on the Astro GO platform. For the exclusive digital extension of this series, as well as interesting clips of Scammer Geng Marhaban, follow Astro Gempak on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, or visit gempak.com.



“SCAMMER GENG MARHABAN” – Komedi Gempak Original Series Yang Berlainan!

Setelah kejayaan drama 'whodunit' seperti "The Maid" dan program realiti selebriti popular "The House", Gempak Originals Series kini mempersembahkan sebuah lagi drama bersiri dengan konsep yang segar dan berbeza.


SCAMMER GENG MARHABAN menghadirkan genre komedi dengan tema 'heist' dan penipuan yang berlatarkan komuniti di sebuah kampung. Drama bersiri ini mempertaruhkan pelakon muda berbakat besar, Amir Ahnaf yang popular dengan watak Kahar dari drama premium Astro Originals, High Council. Ia diarahkan oleh Waan Hafiz, pengarah Gempak Original Series, Beriani Gam Kak Aspalela pada tahun lalu.


Drama bersiri lapan episod ini mengisahkan dua adik beradik yang berbeza pendirian, Aidil dan Adib. Apabila ibu mereka Hjh Quyah terjebak dalam penipuan semasa cuba mempertahankan jawatan Presiden Persatuan Marhaban, Aidil dan Adib mencari dalang yang telah menipu ibu mereka. Selain itu, mereka juga mengalami insiden seperti jatuh cinta pada gadis yang sama semasa memburu 'si scammer'.


Watak Aidil yang dilakonkan oleh Amir Ahnaf muncul selepas kemunculan istimewa sebagai 'rider' di Anugerah Gempak Most Wanted pada Mac lalu. Rentetan daripada itu, watak 'rider' tersebut dikembangkan dalam siri ini dan menjadikan jenama McDonald's sebagai penaja utama.


Selain Amir, siri tulisan Sham Hashim ini turut dibintangi oleh wajah-wajah baru seperti pempengaruh terkenal Lorenzo Irmann dan Qistina Khaled, serta pelakon berpengalaman seperti Ozlynn, Watie Sadali dan Che Kem. Terdapat juga penampilan istimewa oleh Raja Azura dan Zahid AF. Penggambaran dilakukan di Sekinchan, Kuala Selangor selama 17 hari.


Syazwan Zakariah, Ketua Content Studio Astro, menyatakan bahawa "Gempak Originals" berkomitmen untuk menyajikan kandungan yang bukan sahaja berkualiti tinggi dan menghiburkan, tetapi juga relevan dengan masyarakat kita. Dia berharap bahawa siri ini dapat membantu menimbulkan kesedaran tentang kegiatan dan taktik penipuan yang masih berlaku dalam masyarakat kita. Selain itu, dia juga berharap untuk menampilkan bakat-bakat baru seperti Amir Ahnaf, Lorenzo Irmann, dan Qistina Khaled yang mempunyai potensi yang besar.


Pengarah Scammer Geng Marhaban, Waan Hafiz, sangat gembira kerana siri ini akan disiarkan kepada penonton tidak lama lagi. Dia mengaku bahawa pengalaman mengarahkan drama dan filem komedi sebelum ini telah membantunya dalam menghasilkan siri ini.


Amir Ahnaf, pelakon utama Scammer Geng Marhaban, merasakan bahawa watak Aidil adalah satu cabaran baru dalam kerjayanya. Walaupun berlakon semasa bulan puasa, dia berusaha untuk memberikan yang terbaik dalam lakonannya.


Scammer Geng Marhaban akan disiarkan pada 4 Mei di Astro Ria, saluran 104, setiap hari Khamis pada jam 11 malam. Penonton juga boleh menontonnya secara strim di platform Astro GO atau On Demand. Penonton juga bole mengikuti Astro Gempak di Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube dan Facebook, atau melawat laman web gempak.com untuk mendapatkan paparan eksklusif mengenai siri ini.


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