[Concert Coverage] 《队长 Young Captain “行至此地“2023 世界巡演》大马站 World Tour Concert in Malaysia

[Concert Coverage] 《队长 Young Captain “行至此地“2023 世界巡演》大马站 World Tour Concert in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 - The versatile singer 队长 (Young Captain), known by Generation Z as the "Heartbreak Hit Songs Maker" and "The Ceiling of Emo Ballad Singer," presented his "《队长 Young Captain “行至此地“2023 世界巡演》大马站" in Malaysia as the first stop outside of China. The entire audience went wild when Young Captain took the stage. Despite his shy demeanour, he spoke very little throughout the night but won over the audience with his vocal prowess. He went down to the crowd and interacted with the fans three times and closed the show with the encore song "《一定会再见吧》We Will Definitely Meet Again," implying, "We will meet again soon!"


The Chinese singer Young Captain who went viral on TikTok performed for the first time in Malaysia, marking his first overseas concert. When Young Captain announced his concert in Malaysia on March 2023, tickets were sold out in less than 45 minutes, demonstrating his incredible charm.  Young Captain kicked off the show with the song 《好似又过几个秋》 which immediately set the mood. He then performed 11 with his friend, rapper Hooleeger 黄礼格, which prompted a group sing-along with the whole crowd. Both artists were blown away by the Malaysian fans' enthusiasm, with Young Captain exclaiming, "It's amazing!"


He also continued to mesmerize the fans with his other amazing songs such as可能》,

《从今以后》, 行至此地》,《予你》,《飞到你心里》, 《毛衣》, 《楼顶上的小斑鸠》and his popular hit Nuna 1.0. Nuna 1.0was the solo version of this hit and Young Captain has totally captivated the crowd with his melodious vocal.


Subsequently, Hooleeger 黄礼格 who was the guest performer of the night has took over the stage for a while to perform two songs which were 《傍晚》 and Lowkey. One of the highlights of the night was when Hooleeger 黄礼格 publicly presented a surprising "brotherly" confession to Young Captain. Hooleeger, who ran the tour together with Young Captain, requested Young Captain to read a letter he wrote while flying from Beijing to Malaysia at the concert. The contents of the letter were humorous and mentioned that it was written while Young Captain was asleep. It Tells the story of how Young Captain was taking him to perform together and also praised his friend's calmness in dealing with controversies during the performance in Foshan. Young Captain responded while reading, saying that, "I would really be nervous without him. Thankfully, I have him." Hooleeger also mentioned that although he hasn't held a concert yet, his "brother", Young Captain, has achieved it, saying, "When you succeed, it feels like I succeeded too." The fans in the audience were entertained by their brotherly interaction and jokingly shouted, "Be together!" He immediately emphasized, "We really are brothers!"


Yihuik 苡慧, a Malaysian girl who rose to fame on Douyin for her cover of 《热爱105度的你》was another guest performer of the night. She has performed two songs which were 《喜欢你》 and 就是爱你》. Young Captain then came back on stage to perform duet version of Nuna titled Nuna 2.0 with Yihuik. It was a memorable duet performance. After the performance, Yihuik exited the stage and went backstage. "I wanted to chat with her for a while!" said Young Captain, puzzled. He asked the audience to turn on their phone lights while singing " 《星光海》" and then directly asked the lighting engineer, "Can you turn off the stage lights?" "I'd like to see (the audience)." Young Captain exclaimed, "Wow! Wow! Wow!" when he saw the sea of phone lights created by his fans. For his final song, he performed "《一定会再见吧》 We Will Definitely Meet Again," he changed the lyrics "from Beijing to New York" and "from Guiyang to Los Angeles" to "Malaysia." "We will definitely meet again soon!" he promised everyone.



队长 Young Captain “行至此地“2023 世界巡演》大马站 organized by MIC Entertainment


1. 好似又过几个秋


3. 11

4. 可能

5. 从今以后

6. 行至此地

7. 予你

8. 飞到你心里

9. 毛衣

10. 楼顶上的小斑鸠

11. 傍晚 (嘉宾:黄礼格 )

12. LOWKEY (嘉宾:黄礼格 )

13. 武家坡

14. 夜行

15. Nuna1.0

16. LET GO


18. 我怕你已走又怕你未至

19. 喜欢你 (嘉宾:苡慧 )

20. 就是爱你 (嘉宾:苡慧 )

21. Intro + 浪潮

22. NUNA2.0

23. 即使喝醉也不会再打你的电话

24. 哪里都是你

25. 星光海

26. 一定会再见吧


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