[Anime Game Event] NOiZUCON 2022

 [Anime Event] NOiZUCON 2022

Putrajaya, October 2022 – NOiZU, formerly known as serverDNA, has attracted over 10,000 attendees and raised awareness of the local gaming community through six major events. This year, the Noizu team is excited to announce NOiZUCON 2022, which will take place on the 15th and 16th of October 2022 at the Grand Ballroom, Le Meridien Putrajaya.


Unlike previous years, NOiZUCON 2022 will not only feature brand showcases. This year's event also features a new collaboration with MDEC to bring you Malaysia Game Fest, featuring the upcoming games of twelve local game developers from all over Malaysia, including Skyfeather Games Studio, Kotakoren Games Studio, Persona Theory Games, Nimbus Games, DreamTree Studio Sdn Bhd, Roundtable Games Studio Sdn Bhd, Ammobox Studios, and Xenoaisam Studio. UOWMKDU Games works will also be present. Not only that, but Ageless' One More Dream Studios and Magnus Games, the creators of Re:Legend, will be in attendance! Also, if you like cats, keep an eye out for Reclaim Studio.


Logitech G returns to NOIZUCON 2022 this year in full throttle bringing you their latest flagship of Gaming Gear with sleek designs such as their new G502 X Plus, reinvented just for you. Visit them because they have many fun activities planned as well as eye-catching offers that will leave you in awe and wanting more.


The event will include a variety of activities from various genres, such as:


PC Game Challenges by Sades in collaboration with Gigabash game developers, Racing Rig Tournament and Pokemon Trading Card Games by Agrimind, and brand new at NOIZUCON 2022, an exciting experience of Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying and Magic The Gathering with over 7 Dungeon Masters planning an adventure just for you. Tower Of Fantasy will grace the event with several activities and limited edition rewards for NOIZUCON 2022 attendees! Look out for some exciting content from participating brands like Predator, Tech Armoury, Totolink, and even Wacom, as well as new merchandise.


Another noteworthy event is the return and support of Esports Medica, founded by Dr. Zatul-'Iffah Abu Hassan. Their goal is to raise awareness about healthy gaming and to assist the Malaysian government and Esports organisations in developing a solid infrastructure and providing gamers with proper guidelines on how to game healthily. There will be many doctors specialising in various fields, such as Dr Ahmat Izzat Ahmad Tajjudin, Dr Khadijah Hasanah Abang Abdullah, and Dr Zul Azlin Razali in Psychology, Dr Maimunah Abdul Muna'aim, and Dr Siti Sarah Seri Masran in Ophthalmology, Dr Nor Eyzawiah Hassan, Consultant in Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgeon & Senior


Aside from that, NOiZUCON 2022 will host the following events:


Let's Coswalk Cosplay Runway, the 4th Ready Cosplay Skit Competition, and the Influencer Central, where you can meet and greet your favourite Streamers and Cosplayers! There will be a Gaming Zone with PS4 and PS5 games, including the new FIFA 2023, VR games, and PC games that are all free to play. The event promises to be a thrilling and exciting experience, with attendees and exhibitors fully engaged. A.R.C. Photography also has a photography corner.


If that wasn't enough, this year NOIZUCON 2022 will host Season 2 of V-Idol, a virtual avatar or better known as 'V-Tuber' singing competition organised and sponsored by Comfy Guild and Medibeats Productions and supported by VTube Studio. This is open to all V-Tubers worldwide for a chance to win an original single and fully rigged model!


NOIZUCON 2022 wants everyone who attends to have the best experience possible, so make sure you check out all of the different booths before deciding on your favourite!


The best part is that it is open to everyone, gamers and non-gamers alike. If you're looking for a fun way to spend time with your family on weekends or have always wanted to try out some new games, this event is for you!


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