[Press Conference Coverage] Premiere of Jacqueline Tiang 程玲 First Trendy Dance Song “Look At Me Now”

[Press Conference Coverage] Premiere of Jacqueline Tiang 程玲 First Trendy Dance Song “Look At Me Now”

Kuala Lumpur, December 2019 – Jacqueline Tiang 程玲 who is debuted at the Miss Astro Chinese International (MACIP) 2016 has brought us her first dance song “Look At Me Now”. She’s the first MACIP contestant who is involved in composing music and producing a music video.

Back in 2018, Jacqueline’s has attempted to sing the cover for a popular Mandarin song “一场游戏一场梦” by Dave Wang as a web-series theme song. The song went viral and many were surprised to find out about Jacqueline’s great vocal. From there onwards, others have started to notice her singing talent.

“Look At Me Now” is a representation of Jacqueline’s growth!
Jacqueline has gone through a lot of hardship in her journey as an artiste. It begins since her participation in MACIP whereby she received a lot of critic from the netizens during the period of the competition. She was always upset at that time and she always hopes to please everyone.

But as she grows through her career, she learned that it is important to be her true self. Thus, she has gained the courage to overcome the negative remarks against her. This is as per what she has written in her new song, “I will show you who I am, look at me now” as she wanted the people who used to reject her, to see how much she has grown now.

Being involved in the song composing for the first time, Jacqueline has shared with the media members regarding the amazing experience she has had with her music team. The music team consists of members from different races including Malay, Indian and Chinese. It was a fun process in the song formation and audio mixing as the team members from different backgrounds shared their different perspectives in the production.

Jacqueline also shared her opinion on music video production. She felt that the most difficult part of the process was in the look for the venues for shooting. The venues include “Vogue Lounge” and “Wicked KL Club”. Both venues provide a spectacular background for the shooting.

Otherwise, she was also involved in finding the props, styling, as well as the designs for the music video. Her efforts were praised by Harison Kam, the director of the music video. The music video depicts the transformation of an elegant lady into her true self. It is a visual treat for the audiences as the fashion in the video is really trendy and stylish.

During the media press conference, the music video “Look At Me Now” was shown and we really liked the concept.

Jacqueline also mentioned that she will be performing LIVE for the first time during the upcoming MACIP finale. It is something meaningful for her as MACIP was the competition that she debuted from. It’s definitely something to look forward to!

Apart from that, currently she’s involved in the filming of a web-series and she was collaborating with artistes from Hong Kong and China.

Check out the music video “Look At Me Now”:

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