[Press Conference Coverage] Boon Hui Lu 文慧如 and 林恺伦 Karencici "How Now 好闹” Promo Tour in Malaysia 2019

[Press Conference Coverage] Boon Hui Lu 文慧如 and 林恺伦 Karencici "How Now 好闹” Promo Tour in Malaysia 2019

Kuala Lumpur, June 2019 - A press conference of Boon Hui Lu 文慧如 and 林恺伦 Karencici promo tour in Malaysia 2019 was held at Loud Speaker 大嘴叭, Setiawalk, Puchong on 7th June 2019.

Karencici's first visit to Malaysia!
During the interview, Karencici mentioned that this is her first time visiting Malaysia. She is very delighted to try out Malaysian food because she thinks Malaysia food is very delicious.

She first started off her journey in Taiwan since 16 years old. Throughout her career, she has composed songs for a few other prominent artistes before, such as Hebe and Jolin.

She likes Kpop when she was very young. She even attempted to send her own dancing and singing videos to Korean record labels before but there was no response that time.

She has composed her own songs and a few songs were picked for this album. "Sha Yan" was actually written by her for her friend after her friend went through a tough relationship with the boyfriend.

"Sha Yan" is an album consisting of multiple genres including R&B, Hip Hop, EDM and etc. She hopes that her next album will focus mainly on R&B and Hip Hop so that listeners can recognize it's Karencici’s music.

Karencici hopes to have her own music showcase in the future if possible.

Singaporean Boon Hui Lu’s Interview!
Boon Hui Lu mentioned that she has come to Malaysia before. Usually, she just visits Johor.

The album sees her change from cover singer to a recording artiste. Well known for her cover videos of over millions of view, she shared her opinion that most of the people rate success based on numbers (eg, numbers of views). In view of that, she has discussed with her album designer to insert numbers onto the cover photo of the album to symbolize that.

She shares that if she didn't become a singer, she would be working as an audit officer. She has made a promise with her family that she will try to become a singer within 3 years. Finally, her dream came true.

She has a passion for music since young. Thus, her parents are actually not surprised that she would be interested to pursue music as her career. She's very grateful that her parents were very supportive of her. And she's glad that she didn't give up in the past as there were times that she almost stopped chasing her dreams.

Initially, when she started her cover singing, no one knows that she can actually compose songs. Eventually, she decided to stop her audit work and fully focus on producing her own songs.

Nowadays she would write 1-2 songs every week. However, most of the times, only a few songs would be picked for release. One of her wishes is also to have a concert in the future.

When back at home, Boon Hui Lu and Karencici who are staying together would usually discuss about music and life. Sometimes both of them will write songs together. Sometimes they would even jam together. 

Karencici said that she will try to slim down a bit before the upcoming awards show. She hopes to appear cooler during the red carpet. Boon Hui Lu said she will hope to go support Karencici at the awards show.

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