[Press Conference Coverage] Astro CNY Countdown Gala Joint Press Conference 2019

[Press Conference Coverage] Astro CNY Countdown Gala Joint Press Conference 2019

Bandar Rimbayu, January 2019 - Organized by Astro, co-presented by IJM Land and Huawei, Yakult and 天猫海外 as co-sponsors, the annual Astro CNY Countdown Gala will be held on 19th January 2019 (Saturday), 8.30pm at Bandar Rimbayu @ IJM Land. It's going to be a very exciting celebration event not to be missed!

Event: Astro CNY Countdown Gala 2019
Venue: Bandar Rimbayu @ IJM Land
Date: 19th January 2019 
Time: 8.30pm 

Since 2008 (Mouse year), Astro has started organizing Astro CNY Gala Night. Up till now, they will finally made a complete 12 years course of zodiac years CNY celebrations. In order to commemorate such a meaningful achievement, the CNY countdown gala this year themed "万象更新 勇气棒嘟嘟" under the lead of the hosts emcees 萧慧敏 and 菲比, will be having an assemble of 13 iconic characters from Malaysia and Singapore TV Dramas. These 13 characters will be divided into two different teams, "勇气战队" and "棒嘟嘟战队", whereby they will compete with each other to win the interactive competition on stage.

In order to assemble the 13 iconic characters, the organizing team has put in a lot of efforts in gathering them in order to present these classical characters LIVE on stage. The 13 characters included 梁婆婆,猫王 (程旭辉),阿炳 (林德荣), 陈金水 (黄一飞), 陈美凤 (陈薇芝), 王嘉琳(Estee 陈昭伶), 傅兴仁校长 (远扬),万宜雯 Vivienne Oon 温慧茵),金珠(Jentzen 林震前), 服务生 Jasper 赖宇涵 ), 阿莲(颜薇恩),女侠 (龙文敏)and 阿财 (林健文)

These iconic characters will be performing a stage act during the Astro CNY Countdown Gala 2019. The stage performance will definitely rekindle the audience's memory over these classic characters.

During the press conference, we get to witness some of the artistes interacted with each other in their own unique characters. It's definitely a funny scene seeing 程旭辉 translating 黄一飞 "一百万" into Bahasa Malaysia version!

Other performance and main highlights of the night include dancing performance, mimic, magic and singing performance. 

Dancing performances will be led by representatives from "叫我男神" and "国际华裔小姐". During the press conference, KidInn has demonstrated a little bit of his spectacular dance move. Lovell and Alanis on the other hand funnily demonstrated their "wavy" dance.

Apart from that, Jie Ying 赵洁莹,Weon 关萃汶 and 庄文杰 have shared with the media regarding what to expect during their mimic sessions. 

The singing performances during Astro CNY Countdown Gala 2019 will be featuring Danny 许佳麟,Geraldine 颜慧萍,Nicole 赖淞凤,林永发 and 叶永忠. They have provided the media members a little bit of teaser of the singing they will be performing soon.

GOXUAN, "本来只想暗恋你2" and Xuan 模范生 artistes will be performing magic performance on stage after they have learnt the skills from Mark & Pinky. 

One more highlight regarding Astro CNY countdown Gala is the CNY carnival which will be held in the afternoon from 4pm onwards in conjunction with "万象更新 勇气棒嘟嘟"迎春大庆典. During the carnival, there will be a lot of stalls and food trucks for the visitors to stop by. Do check it out!

Astro "万象更新 勇气棒嘟嘟" will be shown on Astro AEC (Channel 301 & HD Channel 306) on 4th February 2019, 9.30pm. For more information, you may visit official website www.bangdudu2019.com or check out the hashtag #BangDuDu2019.

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