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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

[Concert Coverage] Rachel Liang Wen Yin 梁文音 《副駕駛座的風景》Concert

[Concert Coverage] Rachel Liang Wen Yin 梁文音 《副駕駛座的風景》Concert

Kuala Lumpur, October 2018 – Rachel Liang Wen Yin 梁文音 has come over to Malaysia for her《副駕駛座的風景》concert on 21st October 2018 which was held at Mega Star Arena. Our team has been given a golden opportunity to do a coverage on the event.
(check out our previous article on her meet and greet session: https://www.wljack.com/2018/10/coverage-rachel-liang-wen-yin-albummeet.html ).

Rachel Liang Wen Yin 梁文音 《副駕駛座的風景》Concert
Date: 21st October 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Mega Star Arena, Kuchai Lama

First Performance in Malaysia After Getting Married!
After the long wait of 4 years, Rachel has finally come back to Malaysia with her latest album《副駕駛座的風景》together with a full concert. This was her first time performing in Malaysia after she got married! When she asked the fans regarding her difference after her marriage, the fans replied that she became prettier and this made her felt really delightful.

Kicking off her show with “副驾驶座的风景”,she has mesmerized her fans with her melodious vocal. She also performed a  few other songs from the latest album including 转折”, “那双看见的手”,“还好” and etc.

During the show, Rachel also shared a little about the story between her and her husband. She praised her husband for being good looking.

Rachel who was bubbly have also interacted with the fans, joked about her heels being very high (which made her look taller) and etc. It’s really fun to watch her perform as we can see that she’s really enjoying it.

Wen Suen 林文蓀 As The Special Guest!
The guest performer for Rachel’s concert was Wen Suen 林文蓀 who was the champion of The Voice 决战好声”. This was the first time for Rachel to collaborate with Malaysian singer. She complimented that Wen Suen 林文蓀 is a very dedicated and punctual singer as she came early for their rehearsal practice.

Both of them have performed duet together with the song “和平分手”. Then, Wen Suen took over the stage and perform her own song, 这世界终会记得我的名字. During her solo performance, there was a technical error in playing the background music. However, Wen Suen was very calm and she performed the song from beginning again. Her response has earned the applause from the audiences.

Kit Teo 张起政 was amongst the audiences!
During the show, Rachel also highlighted that her good friend Kit Teo张起政 was sitting amongst the audience. She thanked him for composing good songs for her latest album.

During the near end of the show, the audiences lit up the handphone light with a pink colour sticker attached to it. This has created a wonderful lighted scene which was very memorable. Even Rachel also took out her phone to capture the photo of the scene!

Overall, it was a really satisfying concert and it was a great treat for Rachel Liang Wen Yin’s fans. Million thanks to Universal Music Malaysia for providing our team a chance to do a coverage for the show.

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Covered by WLJack and coeditor Sing Ean.
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