[Coverage] 8tv “I Wanna Sing” 我要唱好歌 Grand Finale

[Coverage] 8tv “I Wanna Sing” 我要唱好歌 Grand Finale

Kuala Lumpur, December 2016 – Just a few weeks ago, 8TV’s reality singing competition “I Wanna Sing” has finally come to its grand finale after two months, three stages, nine episodes of airing!

Our team from wljack.com was given the chance to witness the Grand Finale of the show, as the top 6 finalists – June, Adrian, Jyang, Sky, Penny and Kay sang their hearts out, to be crowned as the winner of the show.

Great Start To a Grand Finale!
The Grand Finale was up with a great start as the top 6 finalist performed a medley of four songs: If I Ain’t Got You (June & Adrian), 告白氣球 (Jyang & Sky), Bang Bang (Penny & Kay) and 改變自己 (all 6 finalists).

Nicholas Teo Returned As The Guest Judge!
Besides the usual trio – Cheryl Lee, Winnie Ho and Yen Hue; Nicholas Teo returned to the show again as the guest judge alongside the usual judges. Together, the four judges were given the ultimate task of determining which of the 6 finalists deserved the title as the champion of the night.

During the first part of the grand finale, the top 6 finalists performed their original songs. 

Kay – 不用想太多. The talented 19 years old girl from Ipoh who won over the hearts of many with her genuine and sweet voice. 
Sky – 致前女友. The only singer cum composer that made it into the Grand Finals. With his song that he wrote to his ex-girlfriend

Adrian – 路過. The handsome hairstylist with the looks and the voice to match. 

June – 粉底. The cool, stylish blonde that will definitely turn heads the minute she starts singing.

Jyang – 不説話了. The boy-next-door with a not-that-ordinary voice.

Penny – . The small, petite girl with a big voice and big dreams

The competition continued as the top 6 finalists belted out their final notes in the show, singing the song of their choice in the second half of the Grand Finals.

Kay – 身騎白馬. Kay came on strong, with her own rendition of the song – filled with emotions.

Sky – 我很想愛他. Sky wowed the audiences when he was singing his heart out while playing the piano. 

Adrian – 找自己. Adrian’s performance of this song was deemed “almost flawless” by the judges.
June – 我是真的愛你. June chose a slow ballad song that held an important spot in her heart.
Jyang – 愛什麽稀罕. Jyang brought the house down with his perfect performance of the song that is completely in contrast with his looks and character.
Penny – 你還要我怎樣. Penny took a trip down memory lane, choosing a song that reflected her emotions along her journey of pursuing her dreams in music.

The Results: 

Best Lyricist - 梁峻誠+曾廣賢 《粉底》

Best Music Composer - 戴文彬 《路過》

Best Music Video - B+ Productions 《粉底》

 And the top 3 winners:

Champion – Adrian 李文傑 《路過》
First Runner- up – Jyang 陳劼楊 《不説話了》
Second Runner-up - Kay 黃思淇 《不用想太多》

8tv “I Wanna Sing” 我要唱好歌 has come to a great end. It was a really great competition which can provide a platform for the passionate musicians and singers to shine on stage.
Really looking forward for this event to be organized again in the upcoming years!

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Coverage by Co-editor, Sing Ean
Edited and Published by WLJack.

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