Kuala Lumpur, July 2016 – One of the most anticipated dancing competition in Malaysia, “Astro Battleground 2016” has just come to an end over the last weekend. It was a great day filled with energetic dance and heartwarming moments. Our team from wljack.com has been given an opportunity to do a coverage on the event.

Date: 2nd July 2016
Time: 2.30pm – 6.00pm
Venue: Sunway Pyramid Ice

A close competition between Red Lycans and Dark Riderz!
Competing over 5 rounds of different themes, both teams of talented dancers from Red Lycans and Dark Rider have tried their very best in every round in order to achieve their goals, to win the championship!

Round 1 themed The Style whereby the contestants have to perform their best dance styles to impress the judges. Round 2 was titled The Spirit whereby the contestants performed the routine with ex-contestants. Both round was won by Red Lycans. Leading the match with 2-0, Red Lycans team has a higher morale at this point of championship and greater possibility of winning it. However, the hosts Dennis Yin (Former winner of Astro Battleground) and Denise Camilia Tan (Champion of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2012) do not want to reveal the scores for the next few rounds until the final round was over in view of creating more suspense for the audience.

So there goes Round 3 – The Origin, whereby the contestants need to perform the routine with Malay traditional dance. Personally, I really like this round as it is such a unique fusion between street dance and Malaysian traditional dance. It was really stunning and astonishing from both teams of dancers!

Round 4 – The Journey played the same background song from Lucas Graham, 7 years which complemented with performance by the contestants in telling the story of their journey via dancing.

Finally, it reached the peak of the show, Round 5- The Battle! During this round, it is obvious that both teams really have what it takes to reach this far. Both teams of contestants can dance really well! It’s really a tough decision to comment on which team is better than the other.

Great Judges Made The Final Decision!
Five prominent international dance gurus, Brian Puspos from the USA, Funky Lia, 1G and Bboy Skim from Korea, as well as C.Hsiang from Taiwan sat as judges to select the best team between ‘Red Lycans’ and ‘Dark Riderz’ based on choreography, creativity and teamwork.

After all the 5 rounds of intensive battles, the winning team was crowned by Red Lycans. The winning team won away not just RM 50,000 but also the opportunity to represent Malaysia at the Asia Battleground, dubbed as the Asia’s biggest broadcasted street dance competition, on 8th October 2016. They will be competing with top dancers from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing and Thailand.

As the winning team, Red Lycans get to choose two crews from Dark Riderz to participate in upcoming Asian Battleground 2016. Amirul and Black-Z were both chosen.

One peak after another! Solo battles champion!
Another peak of the event was when the eight crews in the winning team square off for the best solo award by competing among themselves! After the first round of spectacular competition, the final four turned out to be Koi Kian Boon, Tan Yu Ki, Sheena Low Hui Lin and Lim Leong Inn.

Finally, Lim Leong Inn who is also known as KidInn won the solo battle. In fact, he won 5-0 against all other 3 dancing crews. He has won a solo champion with prize cash of RM 35,000!

Post Event Media Interview!
Q: Why Black-Z and Amirul were chosen from Dark Riderz to join Red Lycans in upcoming Asia Battleground?
A: Team Leader for Red Lycans Koi Kian Boon replied that Black-Z has a great leadership and top notch fundamentals skills while Amirul has participated in many competitions before. Koi Kian Boon has a very good impression on both these two newly-joined in Red Lycans crews.

KidInn on the other hand mentioned that his most feared upcoming opponent is Korean dance team. He felt that Korean dance team always comes with surprising choreography. When asked regarding his plans on how he is going to spend his prize money, he said that he will used it to bring his family for vacation, treat his crews with good meals, as well as arranging trip to Korea for dancing courses.

Me and Red Lycans Koi Kian Boon & KidInn

For those of you who have missed the LIVE show of Astro Battleground 2016 finale, please stay tuned to Astro Wah Lai Toi (CH 311) and Astro Wah Lai Toi HD (CH 310) on 17th July 2016, 8.30pm for the show.

Asia Battleground 2016 will be broadcasted LIVE via Astro Wah Lai Toi (CH 311) and Astro Wah Lai Toi HD (CH 310), as well as Astro Gempak Youtube on 8th October 2016.

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