[Coverage] Neway 本地K歌頒獎典禮2015 (Neway K Awards 2015)

[Coverage] Neway 本地K歌頒獎典禮2015 (Neway K Awards 2015)

Kuala Lumpur, January 2016 – One of the most anticipated Mandarin Karaoke Chart Awards, Neway 本地K歌頒獎典禮2015 (Neway K Awards 2015) has been successfully held yesterday at Mega Star Arena, Kuchai Lama.

Our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com have been given a golden opportunity to do a coverage on the event!

Date: 9th January 2016
Venue: Mega Star Arena, Kuchai Lama

Kick-starting the awards show with Sand Art Performance and Singing performance from Crystal Lee!
The awards show began with the performance by youngest Best Actress Crystal Lee alongside a Sand Art performance by马翔姿 ,Malaysia youngest Sand Artist. Although there was some technical errors during the beginning of the show, Crystal Lee nonetheless was able to pull it off by delivering a melodious performance of 童话 on-stage.

This opening act was themed as “一个爱唱歌的女孩(a girl who likes to sing) in order to convey the message of young singers striving through challenges, determined in their goals and finally receiving applause for their passion and dreams in singing.

Apart from that, it is also a pleasant surprise to know that the young sand artist is actually马逸腾 niece.

A great appreciation to local music talents!
The show was full of awards such as NEWAY 10大熱門獨家K歌獎, NEWAY 10大熱門本地K歌獎 and etc. All of these songs have been fans favorites during their Karaoke session. (The awards and winners are listed at the bottom of the post)

Fuying and Sam Biggest Winner Of The Night!
Winning over 6 awards during the night, it’s not a doubt that Fuying and Sam (FS) were the biggest winner of the night! Grabbing away both我最喜爱演唱組合獎 and JOOX 人气奖, it has proven to us how popular FS is!

Throughout the night, both of them have received flowers a few times and the finale of the show has become like a FS mini concert plus fans gathering as both of them sang “可不可以你也刚好喜欢我surrounded by their fans!

Soo Wincci Won我最喜爱女歌手獎!
Advancing steps by steps every year from Bronze to Silver and finally to Gold awards of我最喜爱女歌手獎 this year, Soo Wincci has shown to us that her efforts and determination were all paid off during Neway K Awards 2015! A very deserving awards!

Nicole 赖淞凤 took off her coat!
Another big winner of the night was Nicole 赖淞凤 who has been receiving prizes a few times on stage. The host emcees teased her to show off her body if she could win another award again.

Well, she did eventually win NEWAY 2015大躍進歌手獎. As promised, she took off her coat and went on stage receiving the awards trophy! She is indeed a sporting artiste!

Showcase of Local Music and Talents!
Besides the long list of awards, the show was actually filled with quite a number of performances!

赵洁莹  and 刘界辉 has performed a medley of local productions including songs like疯狂世界+人生没有如果,Dva,杂菜贩,Anderson也不明白,与生俱来,我值得快乐,飙高音,像我一样爱你的人,内伤,自力更生的地球,第二次机会,前度. Great performance!

On the other hand, the organizer has also gathered different talents for a crossover performance by Anna 庄启馨 Ribbon 黄若熙, FS (Fuying & Sam)  & A9 Strings. It’s such a rare opportunity for assemble of talents like this and their performance was marvellous.

Of course, the awards show was also filled with performances by the winners during the show! It was not just an awards presentation event but also a LIVE musical showcase!

Here are the lists of winners of the night:

NEWAY 10大熱門獨家K歌獎
1 不再是我-许亮宇
2 人生- Sam Siew
3 Real Man -升广
4 杂菜饭-黄威尔
5 123跟我走-庄靖毅/符雁蓉/曾耀祖/可晴
6 伸出圆手-Joyce Chu
7 Sit Back & Relax - FS (Fuying & Sam)
8 Waiting For Your Call- PH (Pink & Hao Ren)
9 一定要再见 - 钟盛忠/钟晓玉
10 可不可以你也刚好喜欢我- FS (Fuying & Sam)

NEWAY 10大熱門本地K歌獎
1 像我一样爱你的人-苏盈之
2 自力更生的星球-顏慧萍
3 与生俱来-钟瑾桦
4 前度-刘界辉
5 Andersen也不明白- Eunice Hoo
6 直接问我- Precious
7 我值得快乐 - Nicole 赖淞凤
8 Holiday – 马嘉轩
9 人生没有如果 - 张栋梁
10 白色外套 –Juwei

NEWAY 电影/电视剧热门歌曲獎
1 一定要再见 -钟盛忠/钟晓玉 ( 最烂学生 3)

NEWAY 热门方言歌曲獎
1 天公惜梦人- DayDream

1 M I R R O R - PH (Pink & Hao Ren)
2 可不可以你也刚好喜欢我- FS (Fuying & Sam)
3 幸福满满-苏盈之
4 白色外套 – Juwei
5 Holiday – 马嘉轩
6 与生俱来- 钟瑾桦
7 我值得快乐 - Nicole 赖淞凤
8 自力更生的星球-顏慧萍
9 为你加油- PopTeen
10 人生没有如果 - 张栋梁

1 Joyce Chu
2 Juwei

1 Precious
2 PH (Pink & Hao Ren)

1 FS (Fuying & Sam) (金)
2 钟盛忠 / 钟晓玉 (銀)
3 Mad August (銅)
4 DayDream(銅)

1 张栋梁 (金)
2 黄明志 (銀)
3 许亮宇 (銅)

1 蘇盈之(金)
2 颜慧萍 (銀)
3 Nicole 赖淞凤 (銀)

1 黃明志

NEWAY 推崇唱跳歌手獎
1 Precious

NEWAY 推崇最具舞臺魅力大獎
1 升广

NEWAY 推崇唱作歌手獎
1 Eunice Hoo

NEWAY 2015大躍進歌手獎
- Nicole 赖淞凤
- 刘界辉

NEWAY 推崇最佳作曲獎
我值得快樂 - 戴佩妮

NEWAY 推崇最佳作詞獎
自力更生的星球 - 黄子珊

NEWAY 推崇实力演绎獎
1 颜慧萍
2 马嘉轩

NEWAY 年度最受歡迎K歌獎
可不可以你也刚好喜欢我- FS (Fuying & Sam)

JOOX 人气奖
可不可以你也刚好喜欢我- FS (Fuying & Sam)

NEWAY 最佳人氣獎
钟盛忠 / 钟晓玉

NEWAY 最佳服裝獎 (男)
Sam Siew

NEWAY 最佳服裝獎 (女)

Congratulations to all of the winning artistes!

After the awards, I have taken selfies with some of the artistes who have attended the show! Spotted any of your favourite artirtes?

Anyway, for full album of the event, do check out my Facebook page: WLJack 华龙

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