[Coverage] Asian Battleground 2015《亚洲舞极限2015》

[Coverage] Asian Battleground 2015《亚洲舞极限2015

Youngest Group, Japan Representative “Beat Soldier Strong” Rises As The Champion!
Taiwan IP Lockers Won “Best Showcase最佳舞蹈编排奖”!

Kuala Lumpur, August 2015 –Asian Battleground 2015《亚洲舞极限2015has come to an end last week as Japanese Team, “Beat Soldier Strong” topped the rest of the great dance groups from all over Asian and became the winner for the 2nd Asian Battleground competition. The most amazing thing about the team was, the group was actually consisted of the youngest crews compared to the other teams. Average age of their team members were only 15 years old!

Audiences Provided The Fighting Spirit!
Although all of the members from Beat Soldier Strong were very young, each of them has actually been taking part in street dance for at least 5-10 years. One of them have even started dancing since 5 years old. During post-event interview, they mentioned that the audience’s response and cheering for them have boosted their FIGHTING SPIRIT during their last battle against Taiwan IP Lockers! They were very afraid prior to the battle, but as their morale increases, they finally made it through the challenge and became triumphant!

Featuring 13 different teams from 12 Asian Region!
Maintaining the spirit of 舞所不在,舞所不能”, the Championship of Asian Battleground 2015 this time has featured 13 different elite teams from 12 different regions from Asia including Japanese Beat Soldier Strong, Malaysia Astro Battleground 2015 Kidiotics & Death NotZVietnam X-ClownPhilippines Nocturnal Dance CompanyChina Sketchers All StarThailand Mix'em upBrunei Exversion CrewSingapore Team MagicIndonesian GOG CrewHong Kong King BoticsTaiwan IP Lockers& Korean Viva Glam.

Organized by Astro本地圈,MY FM as official Radio StationDigi as the main sponsor,Asian Battleground 2015亚洲舞极限2015 maintains the similar tradition as last year whereby each team has to present their own self-created choreography. Their performances were judged by prominent judges and the judges will pick their top 4 teamsThe top 4 will then need to compete against each other in Dance Battles. The top 4 this years are Beat Soldier Strong, IP Lockers, Kidiotics and Viva Glam.

Amazing Dance Battles!
The showcases from all of the teams were amazing this year. The best part of the show was during the dance battles between the top 4 teams. All of them were very spectacular in demonstrating spontaneous choreography.

During this part of the show, it’s obvious that IP Lockers has been very well adapted to dance battles as their formations were really great. Beat Soldier Strong which consists of only 4 member crews might not have the steady formation like IP Lockers, but each of their members has their own solo talents which are top notch and their teamwork was really above the top. Thus, the smaller number of crew didn’t stop them from being the winner of the final round!

Great Performance From Malaysian Team Kidiotics & Death Notz!
On the other hand, Malaysian teams Kidiotics & Death NotZ have also provided a great performance during the contest! In fact, Kidiotics have actually reached Top 4 too.  Although they were not the winner for the competition, their performances were well-loved by the audiences!

The winner ofAsian Battleground亚洲舞极限2015was given RM 30,000 of cash prize and trophy. In addition, the Best Showcase team has won away RM 20,000 cash prize.

The competition was judged by prestigious dancers including Funky Lia, Yiu, Vince, Pino Shige, Sorah Yang and Fallorina. All of the judges have also provided their own performances on stage. Although their performances were brief, but it’s long enough to wow the audiences!

Repeat show ofAsian Battleground亚洲舞极限2015 will be telecasted on 15th August 2015, 1pm and 16th August 2015, 11 pm via Astro华丽台(CH 311& 华丽台HD (CH 310. For more info about Asian Battleground 2015, please visit: www.facebook.com/astrobattleground

Congratulations to IP Lockers for winning the Best Showcase!

Congratulations to Beat Soldier Strong for being the champion!

Me and the one and only full female dance crew in Asian Battleground VIVA GLAM!

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