[Coverage] Thriller LIVE in Malaysia: Music Celebration of Michael Jackson

[Coverage] Thriller LIVE in Malaysia: Music Celebration of Michael Jackson

Kuala Lumpur, March 2015 – Milestone Production has brought Lyric Theatre’s Longest Running and Full London West End Production, THRILLER LIVE to Malaysia Putra Indoor Stadium since 19th March 2015 until 25th March 2015.

Our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com have been given a golden opportunity to take part in the media night.

Date: 19 March 2015
Time: 8pm

King Of Pop’s Music Back To Life!
THRILLER LIVE was a really a spectacular show! This MJ Homage was a great revisit for us to enjoy the music and dances which were once brought to us by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson!

Featuring the medley and full songs from Michael Jackson’s smash hits such as I want you back, I’ll Be there, Show You The Way To Go, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Beat it, the powerful visual, audio and electrifying musical journey has been a really enjoyable show!

History About Michael Jackson!
Besides featuring the jaw dropping dances and music from MJ, the show also tells some of the background story about MJ from his earlier career until his other achievements especially in Grammy’s awards. The history of MJ was told in between a few set of songs.

It’s a great introduction to the younger audiences who were born after he has passed on while it’s also a great trip down the memory lane for those who have always loved MJ’s music.

Marvelous performances! Not impersonation but great celebration of Michael Jackson’s music!
One thing I love about the show was that they didn’t try hard to completely impersonate Michael Jackson’s or find look-alike to perform on stage. It would be cheap if the show was just about impersonation. But all I can say is, it isn’t! It was a really solid show with genuine fun!

While the performers themselves do not look like MJ, they were dressed up in a way which resembles the undisputed king of pop! Of course, they are all splendid singers and dancers their own!

The show has been a great celebration of Michael Jackson’s music as they were performed by singers who possess really good vocals that can bring out the essence of MJ’s music on stage!

Awesome Choreography!
The choreography of the show was really remarkable. Some of the dances on stage reminded us of MJ’s music videos! Besides the dance, the stage was also complemented with the eye-popping visual effects which impressed the audiences!

What I felt really excited about was, the performers have really done Michael Jackson’s signature Moonwalk and other dance moves very well!

I was really uber-delighted to see them doing the anti-gravity lean which we could see in Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” performances! It was a really memorable moment and everyone were screaming in joy as the performers done that legendary move!  

Satisfying Musical Escapade with Long Running Time!
The show has featured more than 35 songs and it was a really satisfying show. All the audiences can get to listen to almost all of MJ’s popular hits in one night!

Overall, it was a really great show which reminded us about Michael Jackson’s music, dance and charity! It is impossible for us to watch Michael Jackson performed LIVE now but this show is the closest thing which can provide us a chance to experience how it would feel to watch LIVE performance of MJ on stage!

Highly recommended to Michael Jackson’s fans! Do check out the shows before it’s over!

Post-Concert Backstage Tour:
After the show, we were given a chance to tour the backstage and see how the show works behind the scene.

At backstage

Me and my fellow reviewer Ah Leong

THRILLER LIVE is held in Putra Indoor Stadium from 19th March 2015 until 25th March 2015.

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