[Coverage] Yuan Carnival《圆游会》 2014

[Coverage] Yuan Carnival《圆游会》 2014
(For video coverage of 《星聚圆游》音乐会 and Yuan Carnival 2014, please visit:  http://loong-updates.blogspot.com/2014/10/video-coverage-yuan-carnival-2014.html )

Kuala Lumpur, October 2014 – One of the nation’s largest Chinese Carnival, Yuan Carnival 2014 has taken place a few days ago in One City @ USJ 25 which has brought to you a stellar line-ups of over 50 local & international artistes and many interesting activities. Our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com was given a chance to do a coverage on such a wonderful carnival day!

Event Details: Yuan Carnival 2014
Date: 4th October 2014 & 5th October 2014
Venue: OneCity @ USJ25, Selangor
Time: 3pm-11pm

From Morning Till Night! Happening All Day Long!
Yuan Carnival has gathered all media companies under Media Prima including One FM, ntv7, 8tv as well as public community to take part in the carnival together. Throughout the day, it was filled with a variety of main stage events plus a lot of attractions on the street itself such as street performances and roaming mascots such as Doraemon, Canimals, 8tv Pow Pow and etc.

Besides, there was also an LED screen there which displayed social media Hashtags, LIVE messages, TV program trailer preview and etc. The memorable moments at Yuan Carnival could be appreciated via Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag of #yuancarnival.

Games & Promotions at Stalls!
Yuan Carnival 2014 《圆游会》 has received the support from many entities, MCT & Proton as Main Sponsor, 亞發咖啡 & AirAsia as sponsor partner, venue sponsor OneCity,《辣手网》&《东方日报》as media partner, Lanceford Exhibition & MyTeksi as cooperation partner & special thanks Yakult Malaysia & 永健市场(马)私人有限公司

All of these sponsors have set up booths at the carnival which provided either some promotions or games which can allow the visitors to win great prizes!

Unforgettable Main Stage Events! From Local Sensation To Hong Kong Stars!
The main attraction during Yuan Carnival 2014 was the assembling of over 50 celebrities from local as well as overseas. The overseas artistes who has performed in Yuan Carnival include Hong Kong popular actors and actresses, Edwin 萧正楠, Benjamin 袁伟豪, Nancy 胡定欣 & Eliza岑丽香. They have also played some games with their fans on stage. Prior to their appearance in the carnival itself, they have attended a media interview with the local media.

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The casts members from the current ntv7 drama《阿爸》including, “阿爸” (Daddy)温绍平“ alongside the孩子们 (children), 巫恩仪, 罗忆诗&张顺源  as well as 8tv八度空间 mystery drama《凌晨33casts including Yise罗忆诗, Henley许亮宇, Alvin王竣, Jane黄明慧, Belinda徐慧华 & Emily陈子颖 have also made an appearance at the carnival.  

Many great activities and meet-the-fans session was held at the main stage as mentioned in my previous pre-event post on Yuan Carnival 2014.

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Concert During The Last Day Of Carnival! Mesmerized All The Audiences!
Besides actors and actresses, 《星聚圆游》音乐会 was also held during Yuan Carnival and has featured some local singers’ performances. Gary 叶俊岑was the first to appeared on stage by singing the songs from his latest album《勇敢先生》. Following this, 8TV《非常好歌》Shio郭修彧, Marcus林轩羽, Colbie王思涵 & Pak Meng杨百鸣 have appeared on stage to sing their prominent songs from the contest. All of them have amazed the crowd with their great singing!

Kvinx升广Vivian蔡忆雯KahJun凌加峻 and Danny温力铭 have also performed during the concert and presented spectacular perfomances to the audiences. Orange 陈慧恬 on the other hand was the finale act for the concert!

Yuan Carnival 2014 was a great carnival that you should not miss. If you didn’t manage to attend the event that day, you can key in hashtag #yuancarnival in social medias to know more info about the carnival !

For video coverage on the 《星聚圆游》音乐会 concert, please visit:

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