[Coverage] Press Conference of Seventh 守夜

[Coverage] Press Conference of Seventh 守夜
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Kuala Lumpur, October 2014- The legendary script writer in Malaysia, Ryon Lee 李勇昌 has directed a new movie titled as Seventh “守夜 which will be coming out in our cinema this 16th October 2014. Our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com was given a golden opportunity to attend the press screening as well as the press conference of the movie a few days ago.

Date: 8th October 2014
Venue: Red Box, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Attending Casts: Ryon Lee 李勇昌 (director), Aron Koh 许康文 (producer), Mindee Ong 王欣, Gino, Teddy Chin 陈立谦, Kim邓绣金

A Different Type Of Ghost-Themed Horror Movie!
During the press conference, Ryon Lee has shared with all of the media members regarding the movie. He mentioned that the filming of horror movie is a big challenge in terms of sponsorship because most companies would not want to have their brand to be related with ghosts. Thus, the attempt in shooting a horror film is like a bet. If it has its “market” and has good box office sales, then he could continue in filming horror movie in the future. If not, he would have to give up his interest in directing a horror movie next time.

Ryon Lee also stated that their whole crew has put in a lot of effort in this movie especially in the CGI animation effect, lighting as well as makeup of the show. He wanted to prove to the audiences that Malaysia could produce a high-standard effects too as comparable to the production from other countries.

Apart from being a horror film, it is also infused with some deeper and meaningful message which make the movie being a touching story as well.

Gino’s First Time On Big Screen!
Taiwanese born singer actor, Gino was casted as the main actor in the film. Gino admitted that he is the type of person who is afraid of ghosts as he has some past experience in bumping into those “things” before. Thus, he has never imagined himself taking part in a horror film until he met the director and read the script for the movie of Seventh. He loved the script and he then decided to participate in the film.

Gino also informed the media members that this is the first time for him to be casted as the main actor on big screen. It’s different from his previous experience in drama shooting because he has had a lot of NG scenes during the filming of this movie.

He has also trained himself purposely for this movie because there is a half-naked scene in the movie. Teddy gave him a nickname, “Big Chest” due to his fit body figure!

The Ghost In The Film, Mindee Ong!
Mindee Ong used to think that playing the role of being a ghost would be easier than playing the role as a human character. However, this time, she was given a difficult task because the ghost character which she’s playing as is a little bit complicated.

Ying, the ghost character in the film is a spirit which has been wandering around for many years. She has gone through a lot of ups and downs and she has a certain goal which has kept her waiting for years. Mindee said that it was quite a challenging role because it is not something really fearful or scary, it is a character with good heart but a darker truth behind.

Mindee also mentioned that she likes the director’s style. She said that he is very good and would always say “ok” with her scenes. Ryon then also added that, the character which Mindee is playing in this film is totally different from her other role in his previous movie.

Teddy and Kim, Best Partners On The Set!
Teddy was partnered with Kim’s character in the film. He mentioned that he has no pressure at all when working along with Kim. He has a lot of fun filming with Kim. He said that their first take for each scenes are usually the most natural ones because they entered into the set right after their real-life conversations.

Teddy said that the movie is something different from other horror movie because it also has a lot of comedy elements in it that could bring some laughter to the audiences!

Who’s The Most Timid Cast Members? Coincidental Incidents Throughout The Filming Process!
All of the casts members who have attended the press conference have pointed out that Gino was the most timid one amongst all of them. Gino admitted it himself too and he also shared with us regarding an incident which occurred to him during the process of filming for this movie.

He was watching a Thai Horror movie that time as advised by the director in order to gain more inspiration in playing his role. Suddenly, his room blacked out. He told the others about it and he realized that the others were also having the similar problem. After an hour, the light in his room was still not up yet. He then asked the others again regarding it. It happened that all the others have had the electricity restored for their rooms except for his. It was really spooky.

Besides, a corpse was also found at the temple which was also one of their filming location. Post-production, a veteran actor who has taken part in the movie has passed away. All of these happened coincidentally.

Kissing Scene Requested by Gino! Dimension Shifting Scene!
In the movie, there was a kissing scene between Gino & Mindee Ong. It was revealed that the scene was not originally planned but it was then added in as requested by Gino. Gino then explained the reason behind his request. It is a scene which can bring out the meaning of true love and kissing will be essential for that purpose.

It was a memorable scene for both Gino & Mindee because it was shot when both of them were hanged a few feet above the ground by steel wire.

Another memorable moment for the actors was the dimension shifting scene. It requires a lot of imagination because the visual effect was added in during the editing process later on. During the filming, the actors have to imagine seeing those changes as instructed by the director.

Seventh 守夜is a horror movie which tackles on the theme of “Vigil”, also known as “wake”, which is a form of Chinese folk customs, refers to a period of purposeful sleeplessness. The movie will be released in Malaysian cinema from 16th October 2014 onwards!

Do remember to check it out in your nearest cinema soon!

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