[Nuffnang] Nuffnang Raya Open House 2014 #NNRAYA (Post-Event Blog Contest)

[Nuffnang] Nuffnang Raya Open House 2014 #NNRAYA (Post-Event Blog Contest)

Me at the #NNRaya

Kuala Lumpur, September 2014 - This is a story of my participation in Nuffnang Raya Open House 2014 two weeks ago (23rd August 2014). Still remember I shared about Nuffnang Raya Open House via my instagram? Yeah. I was given the opportunity to take part in the pleasant open house filled with a lot of “F”s,:

- F”amous bloggers + “F”avourite bloggers
- “F”ellow Nuffnangers
- “F”riendly Nuffies
-  “F”reebies
-  “F”ood (my indulgence)

And of course
- “F”un!

The open house started from 3pm onwards and ended at around 8pm. However, due to my event earlier that day for Press Conference of “Café Waiting Love”, I was a bit late to this event. (You might be interested to check out my coverage on that press conference: http://www.wljack.com/2014/08/coverage-cafe-waiting-love-press.html )

Immediately after I have done writing the coverage for that event (around 3.30pm), I rushed straight to Wanaka, The Bungalow. I am not sure whether have you faced the same problem before. But this was my first time driving to the bungalow and I got lost in reaching to the venue. Even with the “Waze” apps on, I was rerouting around Damansara Heights area for more than an hour. (Pity me for having such a lousy sense of direction.. “sob”..).

Reaching at approximately 5pm, I missed out one of the “F” in my list which was the moment with some of my Favourite bloggers. I didn’t manage to catch the cooking demo done by bloggers @kasihaleeya and @ceeranoh. And most importantly, I missed the chance to mingle with my favourite couple of famous bloggers Timothy Tiah and Audrey (fourfeetnine). Really wish can have a look at how cute Fighter is! (Sigh..this is all my fault for having a poor sense of direction)

Luckily, I still managed to spend my whole evening with the other “F”s in the list and it was really a great day there. Without further ado, I will begin with what I have done there from beginning till the end!

Registration at the counter! Already Starting to Collect Freebies from counter itself!
First thing I have done there was getting registered at the counter. I was given with a form on what are the things that I can do during the open house. ( a checklist..felt as though we are on a mission. Challenge accepted!)

At the bottom of the form, we were required to count the number of stickers around the bungalow. So, me and my +1 friend, John were all hyped up for the hunt…but first..let me take a selfie with the nuffies at the counter…

Okay. I was just kidding. I didn’t take a selfie right away. This picture was actually taken before I left the place at around 7.30pm. Me and John didn’t manage to suppress our excitement in hunting down the stickers.

Sticker spotted!
The one major reason why this was the target for not just us but also the rest of the Nuffnang bloggers who were there at the bungalow is, you can win a Samsung Galaxy S5 if you gave the correct answer and get the chance to be chosen through lucky draws!

Freshened Air By Ambi Pur!
Even at the counter itself, we can get some freebies from Ambi Pur! We were required to pose with an Ambipur product and upload it to instagram! Here’s my photo:

My caption on Instagram: At #NNRaya #JomRefresh #Febreeze #ambipur

Seriously, just by holding it on my hand, I could already smell the freshened and nice Hawaiian flowers scent!

Buddies taking photo at The Photobooth! Pinned A Message!
The next thing we have done was taking some photos at the WOW Photobooth. Here’s me and my buddy, John! He’s my fellow movie reviewer and also my buddy who has followed me to do coverage on many events before!

Next to the booth was a board filled with pinned memos with written messages! I pinned mine there too with the wish, “Selamat Hari Raya to all Nuffies & Nuffnangers”!

My Biggest Indulgence: FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!
Well, something which can’t be missed out during an open house is, FOOD! And Nuffnang has been thoughtful enough to prepare a lot of food for us! Yummy!

Of course, my favourite one was the lamb chop! So tasty! I even requested it to be cooked in a few ways, rare, medium and medium rare. I still prefer medium rare the most.

I can still feel the taste of the scrumptious lamb chop by looking at the photo!

Last but not least, I didn’t manage to capture the photo of Humble Beginning’s Mille Crepe as I was too busy enjoying it! It was superbly tasty!

Fun & Interactions During The Open House!
During the open house, there were many games and interactions section at the main area too such as sketches for Ambi Pur,  UMobile challenge and also lucky draws for Carama by Castrol vouchers.

Ambi Pur Living Room! Congkak & Batu Seremban Game!
Another attraction during the open house was the Ambi Pur Living Room. Apart from having a freshened air, there were also traditional games props prepared there for the bloggers to have some fun the traditional way!

Orange U-Mobile Room! Called Up My Mother All Of The Sudden!
There is a room with Umobile theme. What is the official colour for Umobile? Orange!!
 It was also filled with beanbags from #doofindustries and they are comfortable!

Anyway, what we did here was, posted a tweet, “I am gonna make some phone calls to my friends at #Umobile #TheBestFree at #NNRaya!” as instructed by the friendly Nuffies in the room!

I did make a phone call to my mother using the prepared phones with Umobile network. She actually cut off my call in the middle of the call because she thought it was a prank.

I didn’t manage to capture any photos here because I was too busy making phone calls. Credits: official photographer. 

The Greatest Lucky Draw Of The Night! Samsung Galaxy S5!
Still remember the stickers hunting thingy as mentioned in the earlier part of this post? The moment was finally happening whereby a lucky draw was done and a winner was chosen to walk away with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5!

And Umi Syafiera from http://www.syafierabeauty.blogspot.com/  has won the ultimate prize!

All of us were depressed a little at the moment but was cheered up once again as Nuffnang has actually prepared “buah tangan” for each of us! The “buah tangan” was sponsored by Umobile!

What’s inside the buah tangan?
It’s filled with Snickers, juices and mints! Me Gusta!

Either way, I personally don’t think all these were the biggest prize during the open house. Wanna know what I felt was the biggest prize?

For me, I think the ULTIMATE PRIZE during the #NNRAYA was the EXPERIENCE to mingle around with your fellow bloggers and the fellow nuffies.

Throughout the year, most of us might not be able to meet up or even if we meet up during usual #NNPremiereScreening, we might not be able to chat much because we shouldn’t be talking when watching the movie, right??

It’s a celebration of course but it’s also a great activity to bring all of us, the bloggers closer. A chance for us to build more interactions and chemistry with the friendly nuffies who have been providing us with so many goodies and stuffs!

For me, I am glad to bump into a few of my fellow blogger friends including Janice Yeap, Jane Chua and etc while meeting some other new ones. And of course, I am glad to be able to know even more Nuffies through this event.

One of the nuffie even sang spontaneously “Let It Go” when I told her that me and my buddy John felt that she looks like Elsa in the Frozen! She was the one who told me what should I do at Umobile room to get free calls to my mother.

As the quote says,

“If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy.”

Thanks Nuffnang for making me feel RICH by giving me the MONEY-CAN’T-BUY EXPERIENCE at #NNRAYA!

I would also like to thank UMobile, AmbiPur, Carama Castrol, Humble Beginnings, Doof Industriesand WOW Photobooth for making this event a great one to remember!

Looking forward to take part in more and more Nuffnang Events again!

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Dr Jack Chan Wah Loong is the Head Of Medical Department and Internal Medicine Specialist in his current Hospital. Apart from medical related works, he is also a blogger, journalist and photographer since the year of 2008. He is also the chief editor for wljack.com, a website with a dedicated team of journalists that write coverage on Malaysia events and happenings since 2013.

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