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Friday, 11 July 2014

[Upcoming Event] 《语无伦次》《All You Need Is LOVE》

[Upcoming Event] 《语无伦次》《All You Need Is LOVE

Organized by Mega UltimateProduced by焦媛实验剧团(Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre), a musical show about love, titled《语无伦次》《All You Need Is LOVEwill be held on 12th July 2014 (Saturday) , 8pm at Mega Star Arena. 音乐剧《语无伦次》features 焦媛执导兼艺术总监,并由高志森担任总导.

Musical stage performance音乐剧《语无伦次》has love as the theme and will be featuring Alan Tam谭咏麟 classical songs. In Africa, everybody would be singing”求雨歌”(song to plead for rain) due to the deprivation of water. However, in our place, everybody would be singing “情歌” because this city is lacking of “love”. Alan Tam谭咏麟 classical songs have grown together with many of us. His songs are like the rain in the desert, filling us up with “love” which we are pleading for.

In the road to seek for love, everyone has a totally different experience. Some experience can be bitter while some can be sweet, some will be the one chasing the others and some can be vice versa. Some might have  gone through arguments, separations and etc. This musical show,《语无伦次》will be using Alan Tam谭咏麟 classical songs such as 爱的根源」丶「爱人女神」丶「爱在深秋」丶「爱到你发狂」丶「爱情陷阱」、「幻影」丶「迟来的春天」丶「雾之恋」丶「谁可改变」丶「忘不了你」in the show. In order to bring out all the emotions, 音乐剧《语无伦次》will be utilizing Alan Tam’s song in suitable situations depending on the stages of love.

Musical show音乐剧《语无伦次》have already been shown in Hong Kong during May and June this year. This time around, they will be bringing the show to overseas for the first time and Malaysia is the first stop! So, for all musical fans, please do not miss out this event!

Musical show音乐剧《语无伦次》大马站首演 is organized by Mega Ultimate produced by 焦媛实验剧团制作(Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre)Official radio station 988.

Special thanks to Mega Music World & Mega VisualTickets will be priced as below:
VIP – RM200, PS1 – RM120, PS2 – RM80not including RM3 processing fees

Date12th July 2014Saturday
VenueMega Star Arena (MSA)
Tickets Price: VIP-RM200  /  PS1-RM120  / PS2-RM80not yet include RM3 processing fees

For more info, please contact:
Ticket Charge hotline 03-92228811 / or visit www.ticketcharge.com.my  
Mega Ultimate hotline 010-3236028 / or visit Mega Ultimate 面子书

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