[Coverage] Press Conference of 8TV TV Show 《凌晨3点3》 “3.15AM”

[Coverage] Press Conference of 8TV TV Show 《凌晨33 “3.15AM”

29th July 2014, Kuala Lumpur- In conjunction with the airing of upcoming TV show 《凌晨33on 3rd August 2014 which will be aired every Sunday, 8.30pm, 8TV has organized a screening Press Conference at Theatrette, Balai Berita, NSTP, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, KL. During the press conference, the artistes who have attended include陈峰、张顺源、罗忆诗、许亮宇、释福如、陈美君、朱建美、李浩菖、徐慧华、黄明慧&陈凯旋.

Host: Orange Tan (8TV HoChak! & Celebrity Chat Host)

Date: 25th July 2014 (Friday)
Time: 11am
Venue:  Theatrette Balai Berita, NSTP

Mini Stage Performance!
In order to introduce to the media members regarding the show and the characters, a Mini Stage Performance was demonstrated on stage during the press conference. The artistes have delivered their awesome acting which has brought a lot of laughter to the crowd.

The TV show, “3.15AM” 《凌晨33 consists of 13 episodes and will feature 5 different storylines, namely: 买兇杀仁古井摸不着谁是真兇承诺”&“挂表.

张顺源 claimed that his character is too old for him!
张顺源 who always took the roles of being secondary school students have taken up an adult role this time. However, he claimed that the role is too “old” for him. He joked that he should swap character with Henley as he believed that it’s impossible for secondary school student to be as big size as Henley.

Artistes dare not act with许亮宇!
Prior to the filming, Henley许亮宇has undergone diet and exercise to cut down his weight in order to adapt to his character in “古井” plot. However, he also shared story regarding the “accidents” which were caused by him during filming. He said that he has accidentally injured释福如& 志祥. Even the substitute for 福如 was injured by him with him just slightly touching her.  He joked that since then most actors and actresses on set are afraid to act with him.

陈凯旋was being called as “大马都明俊”!
In the “挂表” storyline,陈凯旋 played the role as 阿源. During his episodes, there are a few scenes which feature “Time stopping” scenes. Thus, this has made us relate him to “都教授” and called him as Malaysian都明俊. He was very shy and humbly replied,”不是每个人都可以当都明俊啦!

The time-stopping scene is very fun but it required him to stay put for a few moments. He treated it as a muscular training.

Belinda & 黄明慧 acting together for the first time! Their episodes filmed from final scenes backwards!
This is the first time for Belinda & 黄明慧 to film together. They said that the process is a little bit different as their first take is actually the final scene for their plot. Belinda who is usually English spoken has improved a lot in her Mandarin. She depends a lot on "Han Yu Pin Yin" in memorizing her scripts. 明慧 said that Belinda's script paper is full of English words which are the intonation of Han Yu Pin Yin.

Mayjune and王竣ghost scenes!
In 摸不着谁是真凶”plot, it features artistes such as 王竣& MayJune陈美君. During their episodes, MayJune & 王竣 have to face the“鬼魂” (Ghost Spirits) during some scenes. She said that she pretended that the ghost spirits are not around. Then, she just spoke out her dialogues. Thus, it’s not really a big problem for them to handle those kinds of scenes.

陈峰Claimed that he can become a Noodles hawker!
The essential character in the show陈峰 has made a breakthrough in this show from the aspect of costume and also his character. He said that he has taken many roles before. However, this is his first time playing as a Gangster who sells noodle. He joked that he has cooked many noodles during the filming. Thus, he claimed that he could become a real noodle hawker. But please don’t eat those noodles because he doubted that they would be edible.

《凌晨33 “3.15AM” will be airing from 3rd August 2014 onwards, every Sunday, 8.30pm.

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Now, you can watch 8TV shows via www.8tv.com.my or www.tonton.com.my

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