[Games] Clash Of Clans! Join Our Clan, J.A.C.K. In The Clan Wars!

[Games] Clash Of Clans! Join Our Clan In The Clan Wars!
Since the beginning of my medical 5th year, I have been recommended by my friends Calvin Tan, Chok and Ken to play this android/IOS game, “Clash Of Clans”! It’s a free-to-play game! However, if you wish to become super powerful within super short period of time, then you might need to spend money on the gems! Otherwise, you can still level up pretty fast too without spending your money!

It is a really good game because it offers you a chance to not just manage your own village but also allows you to plan strategies in attacking others’ bases. (People can attack you as well..ouch..)

Games Mode:
Single Player Campaign

For those of you who are more soft-hearted and don’t feel like attacking others, you might opt for this campaign. This campaign consists of 50 stages and each of it has its difficulty. The loots might be humiliating for the beginning few stages, but it gets better as it reaches the further stages. Some stage can even offer you up too more than 500,000+ golds and elixirs.

However, just by playing single player campaign doesn’t stop other gamers from attacking you! So why be the lamb waiting to be slaughtered? Let’s go and have some real fight in Multiplayer Campaign and eventually Clan Wars because that’s where you could find the real excitement of the game!

Multiplayer Mode

Before the Clan Wars Mode was introduced, this is the place where you could have the most decent battles you could ever have. Strategies are needed for every attack. Depending on whether you are a trophy-pusher or farming gamer, your target & goal will be changed according to your preferences.

Clan Wars

Just in the recent few weeks, the Clan Wars have been introduced! The game is never the same again since this mode has been introduced!

To be able to take part in a war, you will need at least 10 players for 10 vs 10 war. Different quantities of players will be involved depending on the nearest “multiples of 5” of members that you have in the clan. The systems will automatically match-make a suitable opponent clan for you once you have decided to “START WAR”!

In this mode, you will depend a lot on cooperation between you and your clan mates. You will need their troops to support you, to protect your base and as reinforcements to crush the enemies’ base!

To win a clan war, it will require you to get as much stars as you could! So, let’s clash on and raid as many enemies’ bases as you could!

Our Clan, “J.A.C.K”!
Just a few weeks before the Clan Wars was introduced, me and a few of my university buddies (Andy, Calvin & Ken) formed a clan named J.A.C.K which was named after our initials (Jack, Andy, Calvin, Ken).

Before we formed this new clan, all four of us have been to a few different clans. As for me, I have been to a few clans such as Happy Family (formed by my eldest brother and his son), then Menstrual Love (a random clan from Global Search), followed by Embercliff (more like a family clan for the ever popular FISH-EYE BLOGGER, TIANCHAD). I have also joined my best friend Andrew’s clan, Olympian before. Then, finally J.A.C.K. ( Felt a bit sorry for breaking the promise and didn’t manage to join my other buddy Chok’s clan before though. But hope he could join my clan someday. LOL. )

Here’s J.A.C.K.!

From the right: Jack, Andy, Calvin, Ken (J.A.C.K.)

So far, our clan has taken part in 2 clan wars and we have won both of them. During the recent war, we even managed to get 27 stars: 2 stars.

Our clan is open for new loyal members (lvl 70+ above) to join in! Most importantly,must be active in donation and war! Do pm me at WLJack FB page if you guys are looking for a good clan to join in. 

Current Donation Trend (updated 12th October 2014):
Usual days (not in war or during war initiation day):
Default donation: Max Level Hogs, Lvl 6 Archers
(Special request will not be catered unless some members happened to have the troops you wanted.)

During War Battle Days:
Anything you requested will be provided as long as the members have the troops
(common war day request: Max lvl dragon, Max lvl Golem, Max lvl Wizards, Max lvl Witch)

Do check out our clan and let’s go for war!

Published by WLJack.

WL Jack

Dr Jack Chan Wah Loong is the Head Of Medical Department and Internal Medicine Specialist in his current Hospital. Apart from medical related works, he is also a blogger, journalist and photographer since the year of 2008. He is also the chief editor for wljack.com, a website with a dedicated team of journalists that write coverage on Malaysia events and happenings since 2013.


  1. Hahaha so now I have a new name "Fish Eye blogger" ha! Maybe I shall drop by your clan someday~~

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