[Entertainment] James杨永聪 Cross-Continental Interview Stories

[Entertainment] James杨永聪 Cross-Continental Interview Stories

Kuala Lumpur, 12th April 2014 – HIM Music華研音樂2014 potential singer James楊永聰 has received a cross-continental phone interview recently to introduce more about himself to the media members.

            James has shared regarding his background story. He grew up in England and has involved in financial field after graduated. However, he eventually realized that his passion was not in that field of work. He started to rediscover that his interest is more towards playing guitar, writing new songs to express himself and all these could make him feel more relaxed & happier. He has quite a number of Chinese friends from different countries. Thus, he was introduced to many different kinds of Chinese songs which were recommended by his friends.

            There was a time whereby he saw his師兄安東尼’s performance in 超級星光大道踢館. This has inspired him to go to Taipei for an attempt to share his music to everyone! He has also revealed that, at first he was worried of whether the company will produce some music which is not the same as his usual style. But he was delighted then because the company has given him the freedom to sing the songs based on his own preferences. James felt that he himself was a lucky person because his family has been very supportive to him in whatever he does.

            James was asked on whether he will be afraid to be compared with安東尼. He stated that because both of them shared the similarities of being grown up in oversea countries, it’s unavoidable that people might compare him with 安東尼. However, he said that both of them have their own unique styles. So he believed that everyone would still be able to distinguish between him and 安東尼’s music.

James also mentioned that he has worked with 安東尼 before during a performance in campus. They both recorded an English song named Happy Christmas War is Over (original by John Lennon). The video is still available in internet now.

James has admitted that he has not been taking any extra mandarin class currently. However, he is trying his best to improve himself via the frequent conversation with the people around him. Regarding his Cantonese dialect, although his mother is from Hong Kong, she has never taught him before. Thus, he also does not know Cantonese that well.

When asked whether he has already adapted to the life of being a singer, James explained that he is still not that used to it yet because he is a shy person and he is not that confident yet. For example, when he’s not working, he would prefer to stay at home because he is still not adapted to the atmosphere whereby more and more people know about him.

            James has also been startled by some extreme fans’ action before. There was a fans who wanted to speak to him during an occasion. However, he was rushing during that time and thus he did not reply the fans. He was shocked when the fans went straight to him and hit him lightly.

James also wishes that he could cooperate with his senior Hebe in the future. He felt that Hebe’s latest album《渺小》is very spectacular. He humbly said that his current capability is limited and he hopes that he can learn more from Hebe.

            James楊永聰will be coming over to Malaysia next month along with his latest albumStay! He will meet and greet the fans here. So James’ fans, do take note of this!

For more information, please stay tuned to Malaysia HIM 大馬華研官方網站 website and Facebook page.

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