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Thursday, 20 March 2014

[Local Entertainment] Hua Hee Karaoke 2014《欢喜来卡拉2014》Begins This March!

[Local Entertainment] Hua Hee Karaoke 2014《欢喜来卡拉2014Begins This March!

Hua Hee Karaoke 2014《欢喜来卡拉2014Begins This March!

Kuala Lumpur, 21st March 2014- The whole new season of “Hua Hee Karaoke 2014” 《欢喜来卡拉》 is about to begin this March. There will be total of 20 audition sessions all around Malaysia starting from 29th March 2014 onwards till 20th April 2014! This time will involved more coverage of places in order to discover the passionate people who love to sing! Let’s“欢喜来卡拉,唱歌乎你听”!

During the auditions, the participants need to show off their singing talents without the background music (Acapella).  Those who passed through the first stage of audition will proceed with the next round of “Karaoke” test. The final 40 participants who stood out will face 8 rounds of challenges, utilising their singing skills, stage charisma and spontaneity in order to reach the final round of the contest.

Hua Hee Karaoke 2014《欢喜来卡拉2014 Accapella audition will be led by黄毓敏&陈雪芬. When in 晋级赛, 超级欢喜组合Jent-be林震前&菲比 will take over the role.

Audiences Become The Jury! Interesting Prizes Await!

In order to bring the audiences closer to the show, Hua Hee Karaoke 2014《欢喜来卡拉2014is inviting audiences to become the jury of the show along side with小凤凤, 陈薇芝& 黄文升 to give the scores for every contestants. From晋级赛onwards, organizers will record the LIVE show, then choose a few audiences to become the jury with the 3 prominent judges. Besides, the organizer will also interview the attending audiences and ask their opinions towards specific contestants in order to increase the participation of the audiences into the show.

Besides the new and exciting changes in competition, the prizes this year has also increased even more compared to last year! The participants who get into final will have an opportunity to win over RM 5500 cash with other interesting prizes.

The first audition details are as follow:
Date: 29th & 30th March 2014
Time: 10am – 5pm
Venue: Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

For more info, please visit:http://hhk.astro.com.my

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