[Coverage] Planet EUPE Music Fest@ Cinta Sayang Resort, The Carnivall, Sungai Petani, Kedah

[Coverage] Planet EUPE Music Fest@ Cinta Sayang Resort, Sungai Petani

4th March 2014, Kedah – A few days ago, our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com were given a chance to attend a very grand musical event in Sungai Petani, Kedah. In fact, it is the first time for such a massive musical festival to be held in Kedah. We were very delighted because the event was really fun and exciting! The crowd was also huge!

First Grand Music Event in Kedah!
As mentioned in my previous post, Planet EUPE Music Fest is a major effort by EUPE Corporation Berhad to kick-start Kedah to be recognized as a venue for world-class entertainment. The result turned out to be a success as it has been a smooth event with a great number of audiences (approximately 15,000 people) from different parts of Malaysia.

Star-studded night with non-stop entertainment!
The line-ups for the show were spectacular as it involved Mandopop superstar Wang Lee Hom, Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna, popular South Korean K-Pop boy band, U-KISS and Taiwanese electro-pop sensation, Jeannie Hsieh.  Sharing the same stage with these awesome Internationally-prominent artistes were Malaysian finals of the 2014 Hip Hop International Dance Championship, Najwa Latif, Da Monster, Kah Jun 凌加峻, Orange 陈慧恬, Mint G and the finalists of The Ultimate Song 非常好歌  (符俊贤,邝暄恒 and 郭修彧) .

There were at least 40 songs performed by the artistes and every single moment was definitely worth the affordable ticket price of the show! The event started at around 7pm with the first song performed by the finalists of The Ultimate Song 非常好歌

Awesome Dances To Heat Up The Crowd!
Apart from just singing performances, the audience were also given the opportunity to witness the LIVE show of great dances from Hip Hop International Dance Championship. The teams that were involved during the show include Katoon Network (will be representing Malaysia to Las Vegas for Hip Hop international Competition) , Zeppo Youngster  and etc. All of their dance performances were able to heat up the crowd!

Malaysia Artistes Performances Keep The Audience Entertained!
A few Malaysian Artistes have also taken part in this Music Fest. They have also kept the audience entertained throughout the event with their wonderful vocals!
Kah Jun 凌加峻 has performed some of his songs such as 我要去旅行, “My Love” and etc. While Da MonSter sang a Medley. Orange 陈慧恬 on the other hand has sang one of the OST from 8TV “一块二的幸福”. She also performed alongside with MayMay for 掉了”! Najwa Latif who is an 18 years old talented singer from Sungai Petani has also performed 3 songs on the stage of Planet Eupe Music Fest!

Another notable mention is the comedic hosting by KK Wong who dressed up like a woman calling herself Datin. He wore a pair of high heels and sang a very funny song. This part of show has brought a lot of laughter to the audience.

The International Artistes’ Peformances! Yuna delivered a mesmerizing moment to the audience!

Besides the great line-ups of talented Malaysian acts, the show also featured a few international acts which have brought the fans to another level of excitement! First, it’s Yuna, our Malaysia singer from Sungai Petani who has marked her name in western music industry. She has delivered a very solid singing performance to the audience! It’s so great to see her performing the song “Rescue” Live on stage!

谢金燕 Jeannie Liven Up The Crowd with Her Energetic Dance and Catchy Tunes!
Besides Yuna, we were also greeted with the great performance from Taiwanese谢金燕 Jeannie who was famous for her 跳针舞 in the song 姐姐”! Her performance was one of the peak moments during the whole show!

Before she appeared on stage, there was a video introducing about her. Many fans were screaming as they saw the video about her and the scream got louder as she appeared right in front of all us!

She addressed the audience as (refer the crowd as dearly ones) and greeted us with English!  She has totally made the crowd gone wild!

U-Kiss Kpop Moment! Fans Interaction On Stage!
This event is definitely a great music fest with a variety of flavor! Besides strong vocals, energetic dancing moments, the audiences also have the chance to experience Kpop in this show!

As U-Kiss appeared on stage, they greeted the fans with Bahasa Malaysia, “Apa Khabar?” “Saya Cinta Malaysia” and etc. This session gave the audience a chance to experience something similar to those Kpop showcases which happened in KL in the recent years.

Besides performing their songs on stage, they also have a fans interaction session on stage. 5 lucky winners from a competition were given a chance to go on stage to play the musical chair games with U-kiss! All of them were excited and in joy as they got the chance to interact at such a close distance with their idols. They got autographed posters and the winner of the game obtained the Grand Prize, which was the group hugs from U-kiss!

Nevertheless, their singing and dancing performance were quite nice and entertaining too!

The Best Act Came As The Finale For The Planet EUPE Fest! LeeHom王力宏 Rocked The Show To The Max!

Last but not least, the best part of the show was during Lee Hom’s performance! It’s definitely undeniable that everyone among the crowd was highly anticipating for his appearance!

As he came on stage, the magnitude of the screams, shouts and applauses were the greatest throughout the night! Many audiences even stood up and rushed nearer to the stage to catch a closer glimpse of their favourite Mandopop Idol!

Lee Hom has done a great fan-servicing in his performance as he inserted “Malaysia” into his lyrics and also used various languages to say “I Love You” during his song, 放开你的心including English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, Hokkien and etc!
All of the fans were very excited and happy to witness Lee Hom’s performance LIVE!

Review Of The Show! One Word: AWESOME!
It was the first time for a music fest with such a grand scale to be organized at Sungai Petani, Kedah! I am sure all the audience would really appreciate the effort by the organizers of the Planet EUPE Music Fest! Even our team felt very amazed by the show provided.

Who doesn’t like a show with Powerful dance performance, Performance by talented Malaysian singers blended with International Acts (Western style, Dancing and Hot style, Kpop style and Mandopop Legend), Punctuality of event, Nice Venue Layout and etc? These are all elements which made the show a very great one!

Million thanks to Eupe Corporation for the event and million thanks to The Wonderland+ for giving us the opportunity to cover the event!

Below are the song lists during the show:

  1. Dance Battle
  2. 符俊贤: 我不自己
  3. 邝暄恒: Dream 
  4. 郭修彧: Mission Incomplete
  5. Mint G: I Miss You
  6. Kah Jun 凌加峻: 我要去旅行
  7. Kah Jun 凌加峻: My Love
  8. Kah Jun 凌加峻: 三个字
  9. Da MonSter: Party Time Medley
  10. Orange 陈慧恬 ft MayMay: 掉了
  11. Orange 陈慧恬: I Don’t Know
  12. Orange 陈慧恬: 风格
  13. Najwa Latif: Kosong
  14. Najwa Latif: I Love You
  15. Najwa Latif: Hilang
  16. Beatbox Performance
  17. Yuna: Falling
  18. Yuna: Terukir di Bintang
  19. Yuna: Dan Sebenarnya
  20. Yuna: Lelaki
  21. Yuna: Rescue
  22. Jeannie谢金燕: 哔哔哔
  23. Jeannie谢金燕: 跳起来
  24. Jeannie谢金燕: 练舞功
  25. Jeannie谢金燕: 姐姐
  26. U-Kiss: Stop Girl
  27. U-Kiss: She’s Mine 
  28. U-Kiss: 0330 
  29. U-Kiss: Someday 
  30. U-Kiss: Standing Still 
  31. U-Kiss: Manmanhani  
  32. Lee Hom王力宏: 十二生肖 + 放开你的心
  33. Lee Hom王力宏: 心跳
  34. Lee Hom王力宏: Kiss Goodbye 
  35. Lee Hom王力宏:火力全开+ 十八般武艺
  36. Lee Hom王力宏:依然爱你
  37. Lee Hom王力宏:唯一

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Photo Credits to intern journalist, Fiona Low.
Article is written and published by WLJack.

WL Jack

Dr Jack Chan Wah Loong is the Head Of Medical Department and Internal Medicine Specialist in his current Hospital. Apart from medical related works, he is also a blogger, journalist and photographer since the year of 2008. He is also the chief editor for wljack.com, a website with a dedicated team of journalists that write coverage on Malaysia events and happenings since 2013.

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