[Local Entertainment] KeQing可晴 21st Birthday Celebration & Formation of New Girl Group

[Local Entertainment] KeQing可晴 21st Birthday Celebration & Formation of New Girl Group

KeQing 可晴 21st Birthday Celebration in conjunction with her 5th year since debut!

Easternworld Music is planning to form a girl group for her as a present!

Kuala Lumpur, 27th February – KeQing, who has just entered into her 21 years old, has received a gift from her company Easternworld Music. The gift is to help her form a girl group!

KeQing admitted that she has been planning for the formation of a girl group since last year but there is still no official announcement and confirmation from the company yet. Thus, she has been keeping this plan as a secret for quite some time. She admitted that she almost revealed the secret for a few times.

Ke Qing’s Girl Group – A New Style For Malaysia Entertainment Industry!
Artiste Manager 张国荣stated that KeQing  is very good in not just singing but also in other aspects such as hosting, acting and etc. This time around, they are planning to form a girl group with her in order to create a new possibility in Malaysia Entertainment industry. This is a new and bold attempt by the company. Of course, he also reassured the fans who were present that day, that KeQing will still continue her own solo career after forming a girl group.

KeQing was very surprised as well as excited when she was informed that the company was planning to form a girl group for her. She was very thankful that Easternworld Music was willing to make such a brave investment for her. This is without a doubt a very meaningful gift for her. She was looking forward for the girl group to be formed and appeared in front of everyone. She wished that Malaysia industry can create more groups like how Korean did. Regarding the number of members, it is still uncertain yet. However, there will be an audition for the girl group in order to search for the suitable candidates.

21st Birthday Wish – To own a car

The birthday party has attracted the registration of more than a thousand of fans. Due to the limited space, only some lucky ones were able to attend the birthday party. KeQing hoped that there will still be chance for her to gather around with the fans that couldn’t make it to the birthday party this time. During the party, the emcee asked her about her birthday wish this year. She replied that she wanted to own a car so that she could drive on her own. It was very troublesome for her mother to fetch her all the time.

Since debut, KeQing has accumulated more than 300,000 fans in social media. Plus, she also has the chance to take part in movie filming. Recently, she was also hired as the ambassadors for a few products. Besides, she has also taken part as a model for an internationally-known camera brand. She felt very lucky and she thanked the company for providing her with so many opportunities.

Audition for Girl Group
This girl group is formed based on the collaboration of环东音乐 (Easternworld Music) & VF Production and the involvement of famous music producer陈彦珲. In order to discover potential members, Easternworld Music is going to have an audition for the girl group. This audition is open for participation for any female in between the age of 17-28 years old who love to sing and dance. If you are interested, you can attend the audition (the details as stated below):

Venue: 环东艺校, 3rd Floor, The Scott Garden, Old Klang Road
Date: 1st March 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 10am – 3pm

Please prepare your own set of song (CD) and also prepare a dancing performance for the audition. The successful candidates will be granted a contract with the recording label.

If there is any enquiry, please contact 03-79801406 or email to jam@ewmusic.com.my

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