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Monday, 18 November 2013

[Local Entertainment] NTV7 HOPES: In Search For Local Heroines

[Local Entertainment] NTV7 HOPES: In Search For Local Heroines


Do you guys know of any woman out there who would dedicate most of her time in contributing to a cause that she strongly holds firm to her heart and vows to make the changes that she seeks to see while inspiring others who lack self-confidence or determination to take that first step forward? However, her efforts are always left unnoticed despite being a hard-worker. Do you happen to know her? If yes, Ntv7 would need your help in finding this national heroine.

With the birth of the Bella Awards – the first and only award show in Malaysia that honours women and their involvement in the community – which was aired on ntv7 on 2nd March this year, the station has now become the threshold for recognising enthusiastic catalysts that not only thrive to fight for the causes they believe in, but actually want to implement the changes that they strongly wish to see. The Home of Feel Good also took the initiative in organising the largest gathering for expectant women this year – Bella Bundle of Joy – which managed to make history through The Malaysia Book of Records.

Airin Zainul Group General Manager of ntv7 and 8TV

Ntv7 is now calling out the heroic women of Malaysia to share their stories with its viewers that would inspire and motivate the rest of the women, as well as the general population out there. This special show called “HOPES”, is scheduled to be aired in February 2014. Currently, the station is giving an opportunity for the public to send in suggestions or even nominate a potential candidate themselves if they feel that particular woman of their choice has contributed significantly to better her community.

“We are interested in finding stories from extraordinary women who are capable of motivating and inspiring our viewers. These stories will be shared through our new programme called ‘HOPES’ which will be aired in February 2014. What’s different this time is, we are more focus in finding those whose contributions and efforts have gone rather unnoticed in which their stories and experiences are not yet recognised and known among the local community. We believe these women are bound to possess a compelling amount of life-lesson stories and experiences that could be shared with the general public. If anyone who knows of a woman such as these - who can lift and encourage the rest of us to better the lives of others, the environment or even the welfare of animals - could reach out to ntv7 so we can feature them in “HOPES”, says Airin Zainul, the Group General Manager for ntv7 and 8TV.

“In line with the Home of Feel Good tagline, ntv7 also would like to highlight to its viewers through this programme that every individual has the power to change not only their immediate community, but also the world. Every action taken by an individual provides an impact to another person and all efforts will eventually prove fruitful if they have perseverance to endure the challenges”, adds Airin.

To anyone who has suggestions or knows of such inspiring woman whom they would like to nominate, you are welcomed to send it in to ntv7 through our online portal www.ntv7.com.my/hopes before 30th November 2013.

For further information, please contact ntv7 at 03-7726 8777 extension 7009/7012/7041

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