[Upcoming Event] Top 10 Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant finalists Public Meet @ Paradigm Mall (12th October 2013)

Top 10 Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant finalists are announced!
Finalists Public Meet in Paradigm Mall on 12th October 2013

Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2013Top 10 finalists :
(From Left Back row)Fancy吴胤婷、Zhiny黄之豫、Lisha何丽莎、Roselind颜慧芬及Angelica叶小庆
(From Left Front Row)Eric陈秋萍、Charlotte陈美婷、Elise陈玢奾、Carol王钶媃及 Elie黄美莲。

Venue: Paradigm Mall Concourse
Date: 12th October 2013

Time: 4.30pm 

10th October 2013, Kuala Lumpur – How do you define “beauty”? As organized by Astro本地圈, sponsored by Adonis, MY FM as the official radio station “Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant” Top 10 finalists are finally here! The top 10 finalists will be meeting the public on 12th October 2013 (Saturday), 4.30pm, at Paradigm Mall Concourse.

During that day, 10 beautiful ladies will be collaborating with PJ College Arts and Design students to carry out a T-shirt modification activity on stage. Besides, guests and public audience will have the chance to vote for “最佳人气女神奖”during that time. Apart from that, the finalists will also be having a catwalk on stage to express their confidence as well as letting the public to get a glimpse of their charisma! So, everyone, this is an event not to be missed!

In the meantime, in order to reward the clients, Astro Circle will also be having a giveaway to the first 50 customers who bring along their latest Astro bill to the registration counter on that day. The registered Astro customers can have the opportunity to vote for their favorite ladies for“最佳人气女神奖”.

Great Competition in semi-finals! 10 finalists came out as the top!

(Standing from left)Dominique ChanBenjamin ToongPeggyAnn LeeJeen LeeDeric Lim
(Sitting from left)Jojo吴俐璇、Chui Ling & 管启源。

On the other hadduring the Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2013semi finals9 professional judges including Chui Ling, Jojo吴俐璇, 管启源, Adonis 爱美雅集团 CEO Ann Lee, Diva Production pioneer Deric Lim, iFeel Jeen Lee, Catwalk Tutor Benjamin Toong, Famous Fashion Designer Dominique Chan & Zero to Ten 服装品牌董事Peggy have been through a conflicting process to pick the top 10 finalists because each of them have different opinions on who they thought was the best.

(From Left)Zhiny黄之豫、Elise陈玢奾 & Fancy吴胤婷are the "大热人选" this year!

Top 20 finalists have gone through tough challenges during the semi-final such as Q&A session, catwalk & swimwears sessions.  The finalists have shown off their talents competitively in order to get into the top 10! Among the finalists, Zhiny黄之豫 & Elise陈玢奾’s performance were the best. Benjamin felt that Zhiny has a lot of potential to shine as a star in the future. On the other hand, he has high expectation on Elise. However she has yet to utilize her optimal potential. Besides, Fancy 吴胤婷 who looks alike with 桂纶镁 has been criticized by the judges that she was “fake” due to her performance which was a bit pretentious.

Nonetheless, Chui Ling has admittedly said that the contestants have improved a lot compared to the first time they came for the audition. However, some of them still yet to conquer their own fear. About the most anticipated swimwear session, the judges stated that the contestants seem to be lacking of involvement in physical activity. So they advised that, “ 选美比赛注重的是体态美感,美貌是先天的,后天的努力一点也不能忽视!”which means that while complexion is a gift, effort to maintain the body fitness is also crucial in a pageant competition.

Top 10 Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant during semi-finals

The emcees during that night include Jeff陈浩然、颜微恩, Vivienne温慧茵and also Lenna林家冰, the previous Miss Astro Chinese champion who took up the challenge to host in Cantonese for the first time. Although there may be some hiccups in Lenna’s performance that day, her courage to take up the challenge was respectful and her overall performance was still not bad.

Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2013》Semi-finals hosts:
(Starting From left)

The contestants who managed to get into Top 10 include Fancy吴胤婷(24岁), Zhiny黄之豫(24岁), Elise陈玢奾(22岁), Lisha何丽莎(21岁), Angelica叶小庆(25岁), Charlotte陈美婷(20岁), Roselind颜慧芬(24岁), Carol王钶媃(23岁), Elie黄美莲(22岁)and Erica陈秋萍(22岁).

To watch how the top 20 contestants competed during the semi-final of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant, please stay tuned to Astro华丽台(第311频道)and Astro至尊HD(第310频道)on 13th October 2013 (Sunday), 9.30pm.

For more info about Miss Astro Chinese International PageantAstro国际华裔小姐竞选2013》,Please visit:

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