[Local Entertainment News] Unexpected Zen 俊倩 has finally released her singles "了解我"

[Local Entertainment News] Unexpected Zen 俊倩 has finally released her singles "了解我"

Zen 俊倩 has finally released her singles "了解我"

Kuala Lumpur, 5th September 2013 – During a coincidental event, 张起政 has discovered that there is a 环东Junior from Easternworld Music Academy (EMA) who has a voice similar to 白安, especially the way she changed the pitch of her voice. He realized that she is very unique. During the press conference, 张起政 has complimented Zen俊倩 a lot and he thinks that her good vocal is something that is very rare to be found nowadays.

During the media press, 陈彦珲 stated that Zen俊倩’s debut was not in the original annual plan of Easternworld Music. However due to many UNEXPECTED circumstances, they decided to give her a chance to release her singles 《了解我》.  Five years ago, he met Zen俊倩 for the first time when she submitted her own demo to EMA while still being a high school student. Two years after that, Zen俊倩 has attended the academy for her singing course. Following that, EMA has even picked her as the representative in a singing competition “中国东协礼仪大使2012”. She has won the first prize in Malaysia and also won the second runner-up in China. After the competition, she has gained the attention from the musical industry and finally able to release her first single now.

陈彦珲 also added that, “ Life is full of unexpected events. Zen 俊倩 is able to become who she is today because of a very important factor, that is, her attitude in learning. I really admire her personalities and I believe this is something that every artist should possess.”

大牌团队fully supports Zen!
During the press conference, almost everyone behind the production of Zen 俊倩’s latest single 了解我 has attended it. The notable figures who have attended the conference include 陈彦珲, 张起政, Shelhiel邝晅恒who is the rapper for the song. Their appearances are really a great encouragement and support for the new singer. Shelhiel stated that this is a fun and new experience for him and he is very thankful to be invited for collaboration in this song. He also stated that Zen has performed very well for this song.

Zen 俊倩 UNEXPECTEDLY survived through her childhood illness whereby she was predicted to be able to live up till 9 years old only!
Zen俊倩 stated that when she was young, her cardiovascular function was very weak and her doctor has predicted that she can’t live more than 9 years old. However, her parents have taken care of her attentively. They have restricted her from doing any exhaustive sports in order to prevent any complications from her health problem. As she grew up, she didn’t bother much any more and she even started to play basketball. And now she has unexpectedly lived through it and is as healthy as always.

Zen俊倩’s funny Mandarin accent!
Zen俊倩 was English educated since young. She will only speak in Mandarin when she is communicating with her father. When she was in secondary school, she used to get humiliated by her friends due to her funny Mandarin accent. She said: “I think my Mandarin accent was influenced by my dad because his accent has a crooked slang too.”

The host emcee has asked her whether she will give up in learning mandarin, she replied in a very determined way that she is already learning it every now and then. Every Monday and Thursday, she will upload a diary article in mandarin. She hopes that she can take this opportunity to train her speaking and writing in Mandarin.

Zen 俊倩 了解我” First Live Performance!
Zen 俊倩 will be having her first Live Public Performance of 了解我 on:

Date: 13th October 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 2pm
Venue: One Utama Shopping Mall, Highstreet Sub Concourse

During that day, she will also have a game interaction with the fans and will be giving away her singles CD 了解我 to some lucky fans. Besides, some 环东junior will also be there as a special guest appearance.

For more info about Zen俊倩, please visit the official FB Page:

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