[Coverage] 甄子丹Donnie Yen’s “Special ID” 特殊身份 Meet The Fans Promo Tour

[Coverage] 甄子丹Donnie Yen’s “Special ID” 特殊身份 Meet The Fans Promo Tour

Kuala Lumpur, 14th October 2013-  宇宙最强(The strongest in the universe), 甄子丹Donnie Yen has arrived in Malaysia a few days ago to promote his latest movie “Special ID” 特殊身份.  The promo tour was held in Paradigm Mall, Upper Atrium on 10th October 2013.

Audience Playing Games On Stage!
Before Donnie Yen has arrived at the venue, the Emcees of the day have chosen a few lucky fans among to crowd to go on stage for a game. 3 pairs of fans were picked. Most of them claimed that they have some martial arts background. Before they started the game, a short video clip was shown. The 3 pairs of fans have to perform the stunt which was shown in the video clip. (The video clip was consisted of some action scenes from the upcoming movie, “Special ID”.)

The 1st pair of fans won the game based on the amount of applause from the audience on the floor. These lucky fans have the chance to receive their gift from Donnie Yen later on.

The Martial Art Icon Arrived! Donnie Yen Greeted The Fans!
Without much delay, Donnie Yen has finally reached the venue and he said hello to all the audience who has attended the promo event. He shook hands with all the fans that have come on stage for the game session.  The winner of the game session has to perform their acts in front of him one more time. He looked impressed. Then, the event proceeded with Donnie Yen giving out the gifts to all these lucky fans.

To Play His Role Well, Donnie Behaved Like The Movie Characters In His Real Life!
The emcees have interviewed Donnie Yen on stage. Donnie Yen told that, every time when he took up a role for any movies, he would try to make himself behave like the character even when he’s in his real life. This is for him to immerse into the characters and to provide the best performance he could. For example, during the time when he played the role of Ip Man (one of Donnie’s most prominent movie character), he actually wore the costumes at his home and dined with his wife in that traditional Chinese clothes. He also needed to cut down on his diet in order to make himself thin enough to fit the character of Ip Man. Till the extent that, his wife asked him whether he is mad.

Previously, he took up another role as the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. Again, in order for him to immerse into that character, he actually sat and ate like Monkey King when he dined at home.

This time, he has to play the role of an undercover for the movie “Special ID”. The character was designed to be cool and muscular. Thus, again, he has to control his diet and he has to avoid the food he likes to eat such as Durian and Curry. He jokingly said that, the character is even cooler than David Beckham, so he has to put some pressure on himself to make himself sufficiently fit for that role

The Main Goal For His Effort Is For The Fans!
Near the end of the interview, Donnie said that the main reason for him to put so many efforts every time he took up his roles is because he wanted to deliver his best on the screen. He said that he did this for all the fans who love his movie including those who have attended the promo tour that night. The fans were delighted after hearing this and screamed in joy.

Then there was a conversation between the main sponsor of the movie and also Donnie Yen. Donnie Yen jokingly asked, “If he open an an account in UOB Bank, will he get any discount?”

After that, the event proceeded with the launching ceremony and photography session. Besides, singer Alvin 鍾瑾樺 has also presented a 3D Poster Gift to Donnie Yen.

By the way, the movie “Special ID” 特殊身份 will be in cinema on 18th October 2013. So, for all of you who love martial arts movie or Donnie Yen’s movie, do check out the movie!

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Photo credits: Shone Gew
Written and Published by: WLJack 

WL Jack

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