[Coverage] MTV World Stage 2013 @ Sunway Surf Beach

[Coverage] MTV World Stage 2013 @ Sunway Surf Beach
12th September 2013 – The annual fever for MTV World Stage 2013 has happened in Sunway Surf Beach a few days ago (8th September 2013) and it has attracted around 15,000 people to the show. This year’s heat hits an all-time temperature high with a stellar line-up of all-male performers with Robin Thicke, Far East Movement, EXO and Joe Flizzzow, who ignited the stage with a collective explosion of R&B , hip-hop and K-pop performances!

Rain Never Stops The Heat of The Crowd!
The queue has started since early in the morning because the fans were anticipating the lineups to perform in front of them! Despite of having a rain, it could not dampen and bring down the fever among the audience.  

Social Media Updates!
There were two screen at the sides of the stage showing media updates on Instagram with the hashtag #worldstagemy. Whenever the audience posted photos with that hashtag, the crowds will be able to see it and most of them screamed when they saw their favorite idols’ photos being uploaded.

Freebies and Goodies for fans!  Greetings from Hosts!
Jeff from MyFM and Natalie from Hitz.fm greeted the crowds at around 7pm by giving out goodies such as caps.  Besides that, the fans were also given exclusive MTV Hand fan during the event! VJ Alan and VJ Han Li from MTV Asia then came on stage and said hello to the crowd. They shouted, “Malaysia, Boleh!” and the fans were all hyped up looking forward for the performances that will be coming up next!

Energetic Opening Performance by Joe Flizzow!
The concert show started at 7.30pm with Joe Flizzow, the homegrown artist from Subang Jaya. He has performed five songs namely Iller Iller, Untukmu featuring Ila Damia, All Around My World, Havoc and Who Do It Better, which also included a collaboration with SonaOne and Altimet on Havoc.

Exo Made The Crowd Gone Wild!
The crowd started screaming when the emcees, Han Li and Alan mentioned about EXO. The concert continued to set the audience crazy with EXO coming on stage for their performance. Some of the EXO fans have started queueing up since Friday night in anticipation to see their beloved Kpop group on stage. The twelve-member band has made the fans’ dreams came true. They have performed many of their hit songs including Wolf, History, 365 and Growl and they have also interacted with their fans. Kris from EXO asked the crowd, “Are you guys feeling hot?” in Mandarin and all the fans responded with screams in excitement.  EXO has also expressed their love for Malaysia. All of their fans were very happy as they finally saw EXO’s first performance in Malaysia as a full-member group and on MTV.

Third Time Performing In Malaysia! Far East Movement Pumped Up the Concert Fever!
Far East Movement is no stranger to the Malaysian Fans as this was their third time performing in our country. Kev Nish took the lead and performed together with his fellow members a twelve-song medley that kept the audience pumped up non-stop including Ain’t Coming Down X Wild Things,Like a G6, Illest, So What, If I was You, Jello, Change Your Life, Rocket, Get Up (Rattle), Rocketeer and Live My Life. Fans sang along when Far East Movement sang Rocketeer, in which they remixed with Alicia Keys’ No One. The 4 members band has also surprised the fans with J-Splif drumming and keyboarding to iPads adorned on his outfit while DJ Virman did a part-solo performance when he put on a “duck-head” costume. Lastly, they sang Turn Up The Love which was the climax of their performance.  Far East Movement threw a larger-than-life inflatable yellow duck to the pool of fans and let it surfed among the crowd. The biggest delight was that, Prohgress even threw himself into the crowd before their performance ended and this has driven the crowd’s excitement to the max!

Robin Thicke, a great Finale for the show!
The rain slowly stopped before the man of the moment, Robin Thicke came on stage with three sexy female vocalists.  Due to some technical problems, his performance has delayed for a couple of minutes. However, it never stopped the very kind Robin to deliver his spectacular performance to the crowd.  He has performed a total of 9 songs including Give It To You, Take It Easy On Me, Feel Good, Dreamworld, Oh Shooter, Lost Without U, Shaking it For Daddy and Blurred Lines. He has interacted with the fans and even encouraged his fans to never give up their dreams even if it comes later for some, alluding to his new-found fame that emerged recently.  He walked down and shook hands with the crowds when he was singing Blurred Lines. The chart-topping Blurred Lines was obviously the crowds’ favourite. All the fans sang alongside with him as he performed that song.  He ended with an explosion of fireworks in his final performance with Clique.

Over the 24 hours post-event, MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 has garnered 83,000 mentions on MTV World Stage in social media, across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 is sponsored by Sunway Group, Xpax and Suzuki, and supported by broadcast partner, Astro. Local radio partners are hitz.fm, ERA fm, MY FM and MIX fm.

Covered by fellow journalist Yew Chi Yin & Credits to official MTV World Stage photographers Kristian Dowling, Alec Wong, Lucas Lau, Rizki Maulana & MTV Asia for the photos.

Edited and published by WLJack.

WL Jack

Dr Jack Chan Wah Loong is the Head Of Medical Department and Internal Medicine Specialist in his current Hospital. Apart from medical related works, he is also a blogger, journalist and photographer since the year of 2008. He is also the chief editor for wljack.com, a website with a dedicated team of journalists that write coverage on Malaysia events and happenings since 2013.

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