[Coverage] Running Man Sparta Kim Jong Kook Showcase In Malaysia 2013

14th June 2013 – Running Man Sparta Kim Jong Kook Showcase has just ended in HGH Convention Centre, KL. This showcase was organized by New Pro Star, PMP Entertainment and Running Into The Sun. It was a showcase full of awesome fan-servicing especially for KJK Running Man Fans.

The show started with the performance by guest appearances of local celebrities Virus Wu and Henley Hii. Both of them sang two songs respectively.

Virus Wu sang We are all we are and Sayang!

Henly sang Crazy and Time is Love!

At around 8.30pm, there was an opening video followed by The Sparta, Kim Jong Kook’s appearance on the stage. The fans were screaming in excitement as they saw their favourite strongest man in Running Man came on stage! He sang his first song in the showcase which was “Today More Than Yesterday”!

After his first song performance, there was an interview and sharing session with KJK. He greeted the Malaysian Fans with, “Apa Khabar?”. Although he is a big and muscular tough guy, he appeared to be a shy guy during his interview. Anyway, Malaysia fans were splendid as they gave responds, screams and applause every time KJK responded to the host,  ONE FM Ah Yoon’s questions.

Kim Jong Kook Appeared and sang his first song "Today More than Yesterday"
Shortly after this session, there were a series of games on stage whereby the lucky fans get to interact with KJK up-close! First game was named as “Flamingo” whereby KJK and the fans need to hold one of their legs up and try to make their opponents fall. It’s KJK against the fans which consisted of two people in each single team. He was a very sporting person.

Next, three teams of fans who won the Flamingo were proceeded to another game. I am sure Running Man’s fans knew this game very well. It’s the “Tag Game”, whereby two teams will be formed and the members are required to remove the tags behind their opponent’s back. It was a tough competition whereby in the end, KJK has to go against Malaysia Sparta! (The only guy fans on stage)

KJK has proven himself to be unbeatable and was able to remove the tag from Malaysia Sparta. (But you have tried your best to make our country proud, Malaysia Sparta! Well done!)

The fans got all excited during the game sessions!
Then, the showcase continued with the next game, a.k.a “KJK Dream Girl” whereby the fans girls have gone crazy during this session! KJK was required to tell the audience regarding the criteria of a girl which he wanted as his dream girl! Anyone who fulfilled the criteria has to maintain their hands with “Love Shape” on top of their heads! Some criteria which KJK has mentioned, included “Long Hair”, “Tanned skin” and etc. KJK has chosen 5 lucky girls from the crowd as the potential candidates to become his dream girl!
The 5 lucky girls have tried their best to attract KJK. One of them with a perm hair offered him that she would make very nice food for KJK if KJK picked her.

So, in the end…KJK’s dream girl was the girl with the good cooking skills and natural perm hair!

Last game they played was the “Hula Hoop”. A few lucky fans were again chosen to go on stage to play games with KJK. They were required to hold hands with each other and transfer the Hula Hoop to the next person without using hands. This game required great body flexibility. The mechanism of the game is like playing “Musical Chair” whereby there is music playing in the background and when the music stops, the one with the Hula Hoop will be punished. It was an entertaining game and so coincidentally KJK has been the “lucky” ones for twice. So, here’s his punishment:

First punishment: Have to show off his prominent muscles on his biceps and triceps
Second punishment: Well…he was requested by the fans to do Gwiyomi!

KJK stated that he would suggest this game to be included in Running Man next time!

So , that’s all for the game sessions. The showcase then proceeded with the playing of Fan Made Clip via the screen on stage. There were some funny fan made clips and there were also some heartwarming ones.

After the fan made clip session, there was a short break time whereby KJK went to the backstage for a small interval of rest. On the other hands, the audience was entertained by a short video. (The video featured KJK inside)

In about 10 minutes, KJK reappeared on stage and continued the showcase with his singing! He sang “Men are all like that”, “Don’t be too good to me”, “Star, Wind, Sun and Love”, “Lovable” and “Twist King”! It’s amazing to see the Sparta in Running Man to be able to sing and dance well on stage! All of the fans were excited as he sang the fast pace songs “Lovable” and “Twist King”!

As he finished singing “Twist King”, he gave a short sentimental farewell message to the fans indicating that that’s the end of the show. However, the fans wanted more of course. Shortly after he left the stage, everyone on the floor started shouting for an encore! He never disappointed the fans as he reappeared again with his encore song, “One Man”!

Kim Jong Kook with his encore song,“One Man”!
That’s the end of the showcase.

Overall, it’s a pleasant evening with splendid performance from Kim Jong Kook! I am sure all of his fans and Running Man fans who have attended the showcase were absolutely pleased by this showcase!

For those who have missed the showcase, you can still catch a glimpse of KJK at 2pm, 15th June 2013 at Paradigm Mall!

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